ZipZapMac Upgrades Periscope Pro with First-to-Market Features

[] Novosibirsk, Russian Federation – ZipZapMac today released a major upgrade of its successful video surveillance app, Periscope Pro. Key new features include a sleek all-new interface and several firsts for software in this category: the audio-activated recording trigger, support for IP Cameras with the auto-configuration system, the in-app clip viewer, a 30% improvement in efficiency, and 24/7 support with a 1-hour response guarantee.

“Users told us that we had a good product, but we knew it could be a great product,” said Managing Director Stanislav Kuptsov, “So we pulled together our most creative people and developed a list of features far beyond the current state of the art. Some of them are in this release and more will be coming over the next several months,” he said.

Sound and Motion Activation:
One of the first apps to use motion-detection to trigger recording, the new Periscope Pro is the first app in its price range to also use sound-detection – users can opt for sound-detection, motion-detection, or both, as well as continuous recording. Triggering recordings with motion and/or sound means that clips are only created when there is something to see. That means no empty clips, fewer clips to sort through, and far less storage used.

Setting trigger levels is easy since motion and sound level indicators are displayed in the preview window during setup – no guessing, no flipping between windows, no trial and error, and no missed action or wasted clips of the curtains fluttering.

Easy IP Camera Use:
IP Cameras let users connect to a remote camera over the Internet or a LAN, but they can be very difficult to configure. Periscope Pro makes this easy with the market’s first automated set up for IP Cameras and by providing a preview window in the camera setup screen so the user can see what’s happening without switching windows.

With an IP Camera, users can monitor an elderly parent across town or a vacation home on the other side of the country. Combining motion detection with one of the many public IP Cameras available, users can capture things like animals at the zoo, a volcano erupting, planes landing, or a shooting star.

Built-in Clip Library and Viewer:
The in-app Clip Library, another feature only found in much more expensive applications, displays a catalogue of clip thumbnails in a scrollable window for fast access & identification. One click starts the clip running in the large built-in Viewing Window that can expand to full screen – no need to switch apps to view clips.

Highly Efficient:
With newly optimized motion detection algorithms and other performance impovements, Periscope Pro runs as much as 30% more efficiently then similar apps, consuming far less computer resources.

Monitor From Anywhere:
By automatically uploading clips to a free DropBox account, users can view clips anytime, anywhere on any device to see what is happening – from a restaurant across town, an airport in another city, or even from the other side of the world.
Periscope Pro can be used to monitor everything from a filing cabinet in your office to the baby’s room – anywhere you want know when there has been activity and what that activity was. With its 1-click video library access and in-app viewer, Periscope Pro makes it easy to find and watch the clips you want to see.

Pricing and Availability:
Periscope Pro V2 requires OS X 10.8 and is available on the Mac App Store or ZipZapMac online for $49.99 (USD).ZipZapMac
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