Yummy Software Releases Yummy FTP Watcher 3 Upgrade

[prMac.com] Verwood, United Kingdom – Yummy Software is proud to announce Yummy FTP Watcher 3.0, a major upgrade to their automated file transfer app. Yummy FTP Watcher automates uploads, downloads and syncs between your Mac and any number of FTP/S + SFTP + WebDAV/S servers, watching chosen folders for changes and acting upon them. Working tirelessly in the background, no fuss, always ready, waiting, watching…

Modes of operation:

Folder-watch and transfer of new/changed items:
* Auto Upload
* Auto Upload + Archive(*)
* Auto Download
(*) Transferred items are moved to a user-selected folder

Schedule repeating(*) directory synchronizations:
* Sync : Mirror
* Sync : Update Mac
* Sync : Update Server
(*) Any hours, minutes, seconds, days, weeks, months

Watch Server Folder:
* Get notified when a server folder changes with a list of what has changed, so you can take action.

Flexible & Dependable:
Powered by the file transfer engine of our flagship Yummy FTP Pro app, all the connection options, speed and reliability you’d expect is provided, as well as useful features such as:

* Menubar-app background mode
* Unified watcher monitor + editor window
* Built-in local/remote folder browser
* Automatic reconnect & resume
* Filtering & specific exclusions
* Scheduling
* Bandwidth limiting
* Fine-grained logging
* Notification Center, Growl, email notifications

Version 3 includes :
* New Look Status – New information-packed status view makes for greater control and at-a-glance monitoring
* New Look Setup – Re-designed setup makes complex configurations a breeze with its intuitive UI
* New Watcher – Watch Server Folder monitors your website/server for changes and alerts you
* New Notifications – Interactive & informative notifications a complete history lookup
* New Log Viewer – Harness the powerful logging capabilities & easily inspect every detail of every action
* More Responsive – Re-worked core watcher engine provides near-immediate reaction to file system changes
* More Intelligent – On-the-fly integrity checking makes v3 even more resilient, fault-tolerant & trouble-free
* And More! – As usual, new Yummy apps are packed with extras at every step

System Requirements:
– Mac OS X 10.8 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Yummy FTP Watcher 3.0 costs $29.99 (USD) and is available directly from Yummy Software only. Upgrades cost $15 (USD). Customers who purchased directly from Yummy Software since 1st Sep 2017 can obtain a free upgrade. For more information, please contact Jason Downing.Yummy FTP Watcher 3.0
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Yummy Software is a small independent software company, dedicated to creating the very best Mac software. The company is owned and run by Mac enthusiasts and the developers have worked on commercial products for over 20 years. Our dedication to the Mac platform runs deep, and our appreciation for good software is what drives us to release the best utilities around. Copyright (C) 2017 Yummy Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple in the U.S. and/or other countries.

###Jason Downing
United Kingdom
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