Yum Yum: New! A wonderful fantasy app for toddlers and children

[prMac.com] Harth, Germany – Hurth, Germany – Indie developer Hartmut Welsch is proud to introduce Yum Yum! v1.0.1 for iOS.

Feeding animals is fun, especially for young children. In real-life this is not always risk-free, but this children’s app ‘Yum Yum!’ is completely safe. The charming story allows the little ones to experience in a completely safe way how good it feels to do something good for other living beings. Children aged 1-3 years can have endless fun with the new universal app ‘Yum Yum!’. This interactive multimedia children’s book provides a very imaginative world of play, wonder and exploration. ‘Yum Yum!’ was conceived and created by graphic designer and father of three, Hartmut Welsch.
The squirrel needs help! He can’t find his hazelnuts!

* Top of the iPad book charts in Germany and Austria
* Child app prize winner 2012 – kinderappgarten.de
* Universal app
* Children’s book app for small animal friends aged 1-3 years Script spoken in rhyme
* Voice-over artist: Tom Harris
* The graphical design is a mix of photography and handmade illustrations
* Numerous, elaborate animations and sounds
* Full support of the iPhone 5 retina display
* No Adds / No In-App Purchases
* Price: $2.99 USD / 1.99 Euro

This graphical children’s book app is a tremendously fun way for little ones to learn how to be caring while they help the little animals to find their lost food. The problem is that the animals in ‘Yum Yum!’ are so daydreamy, that they have forgotten how to feed and it’s your help that they need – just like our little ones can sometimes forget. But ‘Yum Yum!’ also features very child-friendly mini-games that need to be completed to reach the end of the story. Examples include the squirrel who needs the child to tap the screen to show him where his hazelnuts are, the caterpillars who are ever so grateful for the delicious fruits that are hidden in the Chinese lantern plant or the baby bird who eats blueberries and takes a nap when its tummy is full. Once all of the animals are fed, they gather around the campfire to chat and laugh until it’s night time.

There are five scenes. In addition to feeding the animals, the children can discover many other small interactive elements in each section. The app’s striking visual features include the elaborate animation of the environment. Trees, grass, leaves, and water all move to a light summer breeze. The author Hartmut Welsh, graphic designer and father of three children, has focused on quality not quantity in this app. This makes ‘Yum Yum!’ the ideal app for children to learn how to use an iPad or iPhone as a toy. And you can rest assured – ‘Yum Yum!’ is completely ad-free and there are absolutely no in-app purchases of any kind.Yum Yum! v1.0.1
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Located in Hurth, Germany, Hartmut Welsch has been working as a freelance author, illustrator, and photographer since 2001. Hartmut works for various companies as a freelancer and is also the owner of the Quatschmuschel Interactive Learning Software company, through which he has produced several educational games to encourage language development in children. Hartmut has now developed an iPad and iPhone app for toddlers and children. Copyright (C) 2013 Hartmut Welsch. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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