Xe8472 for Professional Filmmakers simulates the human visual system

[prMac.com] Peine, Germany – Lemke Software GmbH, maker of the award-winning GraphicConverter software, today is thrilled to present Xe8472, an industry-first color constancy technology for professional filmmakers and photographers. Xe8472 simulates the physiological and psychological processes inside the human brain.

Thorsten Lemke, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Lemke Software GmbH, explained the new technology, called Xe8472. “The visual perception of humans is a highly complex process,” Lemke said. “What we see is not an actual representation of technical optical data, it’s an interpretation of this data by the human brain.”

The color constancy algorithm, on which Xe8472 is based, was first released in 2002 under the Xe847 brand for use with still images. To perfect the technology and optimize it for professional video imagery required an additional decade of research and development. Xe8472 represents the world’s first application of this groundbreaking algorithm in a commercial product for professional filmmakers.

The Xe847-2 plug-in for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion will be distributed exclusively by FxFactory, an innovative developer of visual and audio effects software for the post-production and broadcast community.

“We changed the name from Xe847 to Xe847-2 to make very clear that this is not just an upgrade,” explained Lemke. “We are very excited to partner with FxFactory for the new Xe8472 for professional video.”

The Xe8472 Photoshop plug-in for Mac and Windows is available as of today from Lemke Software for $39.95 (USD). Customers who have purchased the current Photoshop plug-in will be able to use their license for Xe8472. In addition, we are pleased to announce that Xe8472 will be included free for purchasers of GraphicConverter.Lemke Software
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