XChange UK and ThePowerXChange Announce Enfocus Connect 11 Now Shipping

[prMac.com] Carson City, NV, US and London, UK – ThePowerXChange and XChange UK, the sources for extended technology worldwide are excited to announce the release of Enfocus Connect 11 offering users the power to create, check, correct and deliver PDFs with a single click.

Enfocus Connect 11 helps anyone generate top-quality PDFs from any application for print, online use or archive and easily deliver completed jobs to any location using popular Internet protocols. Users can rest assured that their documents will output and view as intended at the highest possible quality. Production sites benefit from knowing that files submitted by clients who use Connect have been created with the correct settings and can be output, used online or archived without problems.

The new Enfocus Connect 11 family replaces a pair of market-proven Enfocus products: Instant PDF and PitStop Connect. The Connect family brings in a new level of PDF creation, optimization and correction along with job delivery automation to make collaboration between designer and producer simple.

Enfocus Connect is available in two flavors: one for individual users, Connect YOU; and one for companies who need to collaborate with many internal and external users, Connect ALL. In both editions, the Connect application is used to define and create Connectors. Connectors are easy-to-use applets that sit on your desktop and contain all the technology necessary for optimal PDF creation, correction, and job delivery to remote locations.

Enfocus Connect is built using state-of-the-art technology. For PDF creation, Connect has the Adobe Normalizer built right in – this is the same engine used by the Adobe Creative Suite and Acrobat, the market standards for PDF creation. For PDF correction and verification, Connect uses market-leading Enfocus PitStop technology. No other PDF creation or processing application offers this level of control and quality.

Users of Adobe Creative Suite’s InDesign and Illustrator are offered a Plug-in that installs a direct link to a Connector, so all they have to do is select the “Export as Certified PDF” option in the file menu. This creates a PDF and transfers it to the Connector for processing and uploading to the right location – with a single click!

Other programs, such as QuarkXPress, CorelDraw or Office applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Publisher, can now create perfect PDFs through the Print option of the file menu, where a Connector appears as a “virtual printer.” These can even be customized with meaningful names like “PDF to Archive” or “Print to Company XYZ.”

For the independent designers, small firms or selected clients of a service provider, Connect YOU is an affordable tool for setting up Connectors that can be used on single computers. For larger workgroups, publishers or printers who work with many interior and exterior users, Connect ALL allows unlimited numbers of Connectors to be easily configured and distributed to any number of clients. In addition, Connect ALL offers custom branding, time limited activations of Connectors and updating functions that make managing multiple clients easy.

Enfocus Connect YOU costs just $99 / Euro 99 and replaces the widely used Instant PDF application in the Enfocus product line-up. Connect YOU generates custom Connectors for use on a single computer, ideal for individuals or small workgroups. If needed, Connectors can also be created by experienced professionals on one system and exported for use by other users who can then import and utilize them without special skills or training.

For larger operations working with internal and external users, Connect ALL can set up and maintain unlimited numbers of Connectors for only $2,999/ Euro 2.999. This allows service providers like commercial printers, ad agencies and publishers to provide Connectors to customers, freelancers and staff who need to create and submit high-quality PDFs, or have a need for an automated file delivery solution.

Enfocus Connect 11 is available now through XChange UK and ThePowerXChange worldwide. To order, or for more information, users can visit the websites.XChange International
Enfocus Connect 11

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