Wuga’s Web-App is Depolarizing Debate Around Politics

Houston, Texas – The Wuga Web-App released their cure to heated discussions around politics. Wuga is a test designed to tell you where you stand on Economic, Diplomatic, Civil, and Societal issues. It was inspired by the Political Coordinates test, but Wuga says they have bigger plans for their application. The founders believe that showing people their own values will help them make better decisions as voters, something more important now than ever. What’s more is that for the first time, test-takers will see how they relate to other political biases in their country and region. Before heading to the polls, every voter should try the app to know exactly where their political bias falls.

“People don’t know where they stand on the political scale. That’s what surprised us the most.” The founders were inspired to bring deeper meaning to the political coordinates test after finding out that their biases were closer than they thought. “We want to make it easier for young voters to relate to one another on the values that they are fighting for.” Don’t go to vote without knowing where you stand, head over to wuga.app and find out your political score and how you relate to others.

Wuga Web-App Features
All-In-One Political Test
Break-Down of Values
Your Political Coordinates
Other Biases and Region’s Scores
Find Your Political Score For Free

Learning about your political bias is now easier than ever with the Wuga Web-App. Find out where you stand on the four-core issues: Economic, Diplomatic, Civil, and Societal.
Wuga.app is the place to start your test and get your political score.

Additional Information PRESS
Journalists interested in receiving one should contact John Walston, CEO – info ( @ ) wuga dot app dot
About Wuga
Young voters are taking the test that clears up confusion at the polls. Wuga shows you your political score by answering a series of questions based on their core values.
Press Contact
Wuga LLC, La Porte, TX, 77571.
Mobile: 713-367-8814 Email: info ( @ ) wuga dot app
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wuga_app
Website: wuga.app

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