Wrecked – Vehicle Destruction heading to iOS soon

[prMac.com] Los Angeles, California – Flight Systems LLC today is proud to announce the up and coming release of Wrecked – Vehicle Destruction, the eagerly anticipated car crash game, is finally heading to the iPhone and iPad within the next month. Wrecked has been in development for the past year and a half and is going through it’s final testing stages. The game requires you to create the largest accident and the biggest destruction possible. Points are awarded for the severity of damage to each vehicle.

Great lengths have been taken to allow each vehicle to crumple, deform, smash, and explode, in glorious fashion. If you’re familiar with the old Burnout games on Xbox and Playstation, you’ll know what to expect from Wrecked. Wrecked features a career circuit mode, a single race mode, and a crash course mode. The game will feature over 10 vehicles upon initial release. Ranging from a pickup truck, to sports cars, to heavy duty garbage trucks.

* Beautiful graphics that utilize advanced lighting features
* Destructive physics model, watch cars deform, crumple, and explode
* Three gameplay modes
* Leaderboards
* Over 10 vehicles ranging from trucks, to sports cars, to busses, to garbage trucks
* Replay system

Look out for Wrecked – Vehicle Destruction … coming soon! For exclusive beta tests and previews please email or call Todd Schram, Marketing Director.YouTube Video (Demo 1)
YouTube Video (Demo 2)
YouTube Video (Demo 3)

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###Todd Schram
Marketing Director
United States
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