World’s First Remote Spy Camera Released for iPhone and iPad

[] Jacksonville, Florida – Retina-X Studios announced today the release of the world’s first iPhone and iPad spy camera with instant online viewing. The stealth system turns a child or employee’s ordinary iPad or iPhone into an instant spy camera. The hidden software captures a photo with the camera on-demand in a secure web panel.

The system, called Mobile Spy, is a hybrid software/service on an iPhone or iPad. The software is hidden and silently records text messages, iMessages, photos, call details, GPS locations and more. The data is then uploaded to a secure online account. The owner of the phone logs in from any web browser to view and hear logs in real time.

The Remote Spy Camera, named Stealth Camera, is part of the LIVE Control Panel add-on. This optional feature can also now record audio clips of the device’s surroundings. This feature allows parents to hear everything around their child’s device at any given time. The phone’s microphone is transformed into a remote listening device, never displaying any indication of the recording to the user.

For visual surveillance the customer can now use the Stealth Camera feature to silently take snapshots in real time. This allows parents to see a visual representation of their child’s current environment. They can check in using this feature to make sure their child is at a location they are supposed to be, or see who else is in their child’s environment.

“Never before has a parent been able to see an instant photo from their child’s phone or tablet in total stealth,” says Craig Thompson, Media Coordinator at Retina-X Studios. “This will help them know the truth about whether or not their child is doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Mobile Spy has already uncovered car thefts, drug usage, runaways, employee theft and even a teacher having a relationship with a student. We hope our users will find the new features very useful.”

The new release also includes a new Geo Fencing feature. With it, a parent or employer can get an alert if the monitored iPhone or iPad goes outside of a specified area. Custom keyword alerts are also now included. When a customer wants to be notified of a specific keyword found within a message or website, they can create a custom alert.

Since pioneering the industry in 2007, Mobile Spy has helped countless customers worldwide monitor their smartphone or tablet. The system allows employers to enforce a company’s Acceptable Use Policy on devices provided by their company. It can also monitor the devices of children or teenagers, to help parents ensure their safety and honesty. Employers and parents alike are able to gain peace of mind.

Mobile Spy runs on iPhone and iPad. It is also compatible with other smartphone and tablet platforms such as Android and BlackBerry. A free evaluation copy available upon request.Mobile Spy
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Retina-X Studios (RXS) designs tools for companies and parents to monitor the activity of their smartphone, tablet or computer in real time. RXS has been mentioned in USA Today, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2013 Retina-X Studios. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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