World’s Biggest Wordsearch searches the world for biggest fans

[] London, United Kingdom – Pete Williamson (Supersonic’s MD) explains: “We’re trying to set a new world record for the biggest wordsearch in existence by publishing this superbly polished piece of puzzle fun both as a Giant Poster (1189 x 841 mm) and on PC, iOS, Android and the Amazon Appstore… but to realise our ambition we need some help to raise funds for development.”

“We’re offering the gorgeous printed poster versions of the puzzle itself to backers – and it’s those very backers who’ll be helping us raise the money to create the video game version of this epic puzzle. We’ll be offering copies of the game on PC, credits in the game, limited edition signed prints of the puzzle, and even the chance to immortalise your name inside the puzzle as rewards for backing the project. That’s right – YOU, your friends and family, or even your classmates or colleagues can be an integral part of a world record!”

About World’s Biggest Wordsearch:
Producing a perfectly plump puzzle, packed with over 5,750 wickedly withheld words, all of them tied to over 350 themes, lovingly laced through a latticework of over 60,000 letters. The puzzle is hand-crafted with carefully thought-out themes, and of course – wads of wonderful words. We’ve hidden a Secret Message and 45 specially designated ‘Trophy’ words too.

Our convoluted calculations conclude it’ll take a committed Word Search puzzler over 40 hours to complete this world beating puzzle – as such we’re applying to the Guinness Book of World Records and are confident of a rapturous response. We’re aiming to produce the puzzle as a digital game on PC, iOS and Android. We’re also making a massive A0-size poster of the puzzle. Hang it on your wall and solve it over a few weeks or months!

About Supersonic:
Supersonic Software Ltd. has been going strong since 1989. We’ve developed for just about every viable platform since then. We have a particular specialization in fast, fun multi-player arcade racers – producing most of the Micro Machines series as well as the cult classic Mashed, and more recently the multi-million-selling Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution for BBC.The World’s Biggest Wordsearch Puzzle

AppyNation is a revolution in games publishing that favours independence and collaboration between developers and publisher, focused on (but not limited to) delivering engaging, social experiences on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms. Born out of an idea shared by developers Finblade, Proper Games, Niffler, Onteca, Supersonic and Chromativity, the collaboration between publisher and digital, social and independent UK developers AppyNation represents has been very positively received by the industry and has the support of NESTA, industry associations TIGA and UKIE and the UK Government. World’s Biggest Wordsearch is Copyright (C) 2013 Supersonic Software. Developed by Supersonic Software. Published by AppyNation Ltd.

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