WinterFest 2015: Nine companies, awesome software, great discounts

[] Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – DEVONtechnologies, Bare Bones Software, Eastgate Systems, Literature & Latte, Nisus Software, Scribblecode, Smile Software, Sonny Software, and Take Control Books wish their customers Happy Holidays with huge discounts on Mac productivity software and ebooks.

Nine artisanal software developers have joined together for a year-end celebration of hand-crafted software for writers, designers, and thinkers. For a limited time, DEVONtechnologies, Bare Bones Software, Eastgate Systems, Literature & Latte, Nisus Software, Scribblecode, Smile Software, Sonny Software, and Take Control Books offer terrific tools with a terrific discount. No gimmicks, no bundles – just great tools at great prices, direct from the developers:

* Aeon Timeline: The timeline tool for creative thinking
* BBEdit: Powerful tool for text
* Bookends: The reference manager you’ve been looking for
* DEVONthink Pro Office: Your paperless Mac office
* Nisus Writer Pro: Powerful word processing for your Mac
* Scrivener: Your complete writing studio
* Take Control Books: Essential books about Mac and iOS
* TextExpander: Type more with less effort
* Tinderbox: Visualize and organize your notes, plans and ideas

WinterFest 2015 assembles many of the best and most interesting tools for writing and research available today. These innovative applications bring recent developments in research and advances in engineering to the desktop, addressing many of the most challenging facets of knowledge work. BBEdit defines plain text editing on the Mac, Tinderbox transforms the notebook, Scrivener rethinks the manuscript, DEVONthink reconstructs the repository: each tool is the work of a small design team or a passionate designer, bringing devoted craftsmanship to a field too often dominated by corporate blandness.

More information about WinterFest 2015 offer is available on the official page,, as well as on the websites of each of the participating companies.

“No matter what craft you’re pursuing, there is no investment more useful, productive, or gratifying than a set of finely crafted tools and trustworthy reference materials”, reminds us Rich Siegel, Bare Bones Software.

Tinderbox’s Mark Bernstein finds his colleagues a constant source of inspiration: “You don’t discover inspired design in focus groups. Artisanal software is filled with ideas, ambition, and a passion to make things right. Using all these tools together lets our team build better software while engaging the rest of the research community.”

“Our customers love to create something new. And for this, they collect, organize, structure, delete, note, write, and – finally – perfect. With the apps that we have put together for you in this WinterFest, handcrafted by creators for creators, you can do this without the computer getting in the way of your creativity”, says Eric Bohnisch-Volkmann, President of DEVONtechnologies.

More information:
Customers find more information about about WinterFest 2015 promotion on DEVONtechnologies’ promotion page. All participating companies also run their own landing pages accessible from their web sites or blogs.DEVONtechnologies
DEVONtechnologies’ WinterFest
Official Artisanal Software Festival (Winterfest)
More about DEVONthink Pro Office
Devonian Times

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