WindowSwitcher – Unique 3D Window Manager for macOS

[] Kiev, Ukraine – MacPlus Software announces the launch of WindowSwitcher 1.0, a new unique application that aims to deal with the chaos of the opened windows on your Mac. WindowSwitcher provides several tools to quickly switch and manage Mac desktop windows. This easy-to-use utility transforms the chaos of a messy desktop into neatly arranged windows, where one can easily see all the information in an organised display.

When several applications are running with many windows open, it is sometimes difficult to manage the chaos and to work productively. Manually switching between windows and placing them on the screen wastes a lot of time. Thanks to functionality for quick positioning control and window size, users can quickly find and switch between windows and efficiently use screen space:

* Manage Windows with Ease – WindowSwitcher allows you to easily manage your window positions and sizes with one click. You get full control over any opened windows: easily close, minimize, maximize, or even restore any window.

* WindowSwitcher also lets one use gestures to move and resize windows. For example, swipe with two fingers, from right to left, to place a window on the left of the screen and resize to 1/2 of the entire screen. Another example, Swiping down minimizes the window, and swiping uup up de-minimizes or enlarges the window to full screen.

* Fast Switching: Using the Command > Number key you can easily switch to windows without pressing many keys.

* Convenient View Options: WindowSwitcher offers several options (layouts) for displaying a list of open windows. You can use the one that best suits your work style.WindowSwitcher 1.0
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