Why Draw Something When You Can Be Acting Out

[prMac.com] San Diego, California – Interconnected Gaming announces the upcoming release of Acting Out! for iOS. Acting Out! is Charades meets Draw Something for iPhone (and iPhone 5) and iPod touch and will be available this November. This totally unique new iOS game lets you show off your acting skills, or lack thereof, as you try to act out and guess each other’s words. Move around, dance, sing, use props, do impressions – anything to get your point across in 60 seconds or less – just don’t say the word you’re acting out! It’s a party game on the go that will have everyone laughing and guessing.

Can you do the Matrix backbend? Flash your best Zoolander Blue Steel pose! Try morphing into the Eiffel tower, sing and dance like Lady Gaga, or have the kids do their best Daffy Duck impression! With over 2000 words to choose from, and endless custom make-your-own-word choices, you will be the next Meryl Streep in no time! And don’t worry we won’t ban bad actors. Now bad singers on the other hand… Stay safe, stay innocent: Invite-only play with your friends and those in your network.

Acting Out! is coming to the App Store this November. Be sure not to miss the hilarious Acting Out! trailer on YouTube!Acting Out!
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