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[prMac.com] Murr, Germany – WhizBits has updated its popular calendaring app yCal. Version 1.1 now supports retina displays (as found in the new MacBook Pro Retina) and offers full compatibility with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

yCal is a calendaring app to help keep the overview on a whole year. It features a unique “months by column” year view in addition to the more conventional week views, provides ample marking and note taking options, and central holiday and birthday management.

yCal has been designed from the ground up to make a better desktop calendar. Its unique year view gives you the perfect overview in a fraction of a second. Days can be marked in different colors and styles to give you more information in one picture (e.g., to show days of vacation, times of travel etc.) – just like on a normal paper calendar. The full year can be shown side-by-side with the week view, giving you more fine granular access to individual events.

Everything is optimized for giving you access to powerful features with minimum user interface overhead. For example, just hit space in the year view to quickly look at the details of a selected day. Or just start typing to add a note. Swipe left or right to scroll through years and weeks.

yCal seamlessly integrates with calendars set up in OS X – there is no proprietary data store. Use your existing data from local calendars, CalDAV servers, iCloud, or from wherever else without the need for importing or copying. All your changes will be sync’ed to all your servers and devices by Apple’s iCal or Calendar app.

* Unique “months by column” view
* Events “heatmap” in year view
* Quickview feature
* Easy note taking
* Lots of customization options
* Split views to show year and week simultaneously
* Customizable colored markers for labeling days
* Statistics on markers
* Central management of holidays
* Central management of birthdays
* Seamless integration with standard calendar stores
* Sync all your calendars via iCal/Calendar

yCal is available for US$ 19.50 (14.90 Euros) at website, free trial available.yCal
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Located in Murr, Germany, WhizBits – that is essentially two Mac enthusiasts who love to develop software as a hobby. We share a passion for design, simplicity, and functionality, and we try to live and show this passion in the software we create. We use our software ourselves; in fact, we create our software for ourselves in the first place. We think this is the best way to care for the best possible user experience. However, we know we don’t always succeed in living up to our own standards. We have other, “normal” day-time jobs, so time is limited and compromises are inenvitable at some points. But we care about our software, and we care about you (our user)! And we are committed to continuously refining and improving what we create. Copyright (C) 2012 WhizBits. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

###Lothar Baum
Chief Developer
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