WhenWorks launches new appointment scheduling service for iOS users

[prMac.com] Seattle, Washington – WhenWorks LLC is pleased to announce its new iOS app and web service designed to simplify the process of scheduling a meetings with others. WhenWorks eliminates back-and-forth emails by allowing others to book time with you online, only when you’re free and only during time slots you’ve defined.

Setup is a breeze. Just install the app on your iPhone to create your free WhenWorks account and you’ll immediately have a web page where guests can book appointments with you online. WhenWorks integrates directly with the built-in Calendar app on your iPhone, so it always knows your real-time availability and instantly updates your calendar as appointments are booked online.

WhenWorks is ideal for anyone who needs to regularly schedule appointments with clients and colleagues, including sales people, technical support and training representatives, financial advisors, attorneys, educators, personal trainers, massage therapists, hair stylists, photographers and more.

How It Works:
1. Use the iOS app to create rules that define when, where and how long you’re available to meet with others.

2. Share your scheduling link with clients and colleagues to view your availability and book appointments with you online.

3. When a guest books an appointment, a confirmation email is sent to you and the guest and the event is added to your calendar automatically.

What Makes Whenworks Unique?
There are many competitive services in this space. What they all have in common is that they are purely web-based solutions. What makes WhenWorks unique is that it is a mobile app that integrates directly with the Calendar app on your iOS device, is far easier to configure and use, more secure, and always with you when you need it.

WhenWorks supports all of the leading calendar services (iCloud, Google Calendar, Office 365 and Outlook.com) but is particularly well-suited for those who use iCloud, due to its deep integration with the built-in Calendar on iOS.

System Requirements – Scheduling appointments involves two parties:
* Host – a user who has created a WhenWorks account for Guests to view their availability and book appointments with them online. The Host must install the WhenWorks app on an iOS device running iOS 11 or greater.

* Guest – a user who visits the WhenWorks website to book appointments with a Host. Guests do not need to run the WhenWorks app. All a Guest needs is a web browser.

Pricing and Availability:
WhenWorks is available free on the App Store. All of its features can be used for free but heavy-users (based on the number of meetings booked each month) must pay a subscription fee for the Pro version.

* Online Scheduling Page
* Unlimited Event Types
* Support for iCloud, Google Calendar, Office 365 and Outlook.com
* Schedule up to 5 appointments each month

* Everything in the Free plan, plus
* Schedule unlimited appointments each month
* $5 per month or $50 per yearWhenWorks 1.0.1
Download from iTunes
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WhenWorks is a small team of talented developers focused on providing a convenient, friction-free scheduling experience for its customers. With a focus on iOS, WhenWorks provides a delightful in-app experience for anyone who needs to regularly schedule appointments with clients and colleagues. WhenWorks was founded in Seattle in 2017 by John Chaffee, a serial entrepreneur who has a long history of building great apps focused on scheduling and productivity. John got his start in the 1990’s as a product manager for Now Up-to-Date, a revolutionary network calendar for Mac OS 7. He was an early mobile pioneer as co-founder of SplashData in 2000, which developed productivity apps for Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian, before the advent of the iPhone. He later co-founded BusyMac in 2007, creators of the award-winning BusyCal for Mac and iOS. WhenWorks is the third startup that John has founded. Copyright (C) 2018 WhenWorks LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and iOS are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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