What makes Provision Print one of Singapore’s fast-growing and fast-producing T Shirt Printing Services

T-shirt printing is taking the domestic and commercial landscape of Singapore by storm. Whether it’s the birthday of a loved one or triumphant celebration of a company, t-shirts; personalized, customized, colorful and enchanting are becoming the norm. Provision Print (PP) is a leading game player in T Shirts printing and aim to become Singapore’s #1 t-shirt and gift printing company. They seem poised to rise up the ladder of their dreams especially with their shorter turnaround time and the ability to offer all kinds of printing methods like:

1. Silkscreen printing

Most suitable for a large corporate gifting event, PP’s silkscreen printing can print a great number in a short time. This kind of printing is best suited for designs that do not require more than 1-3 color options.

2. DTG or Direct To Garment

Perfect for complex designs, that require multi-layering of colors, DTG is perfect for intimate family affairs where you wish to print detailed photographs or to flaunt your complex digital graphics. They are expensive, time-consuming but can create awe-inspiring results.

3. Embroidery

A more old school way of creating logos and company-centric motifs, embroidery, nonetheless creates a warm and homely effect on t-shirts.

4. Digital Heat Transfer

This type of printing is close to printing on paper, except here the paper is a special type of paper called transfer paper, whose job is to transfer the image onto the fabric, creating alluring graphics and colorful designs.

5. Dye Sublimation

Emplloying dyes to provide beautiful and close-to-life color effects, dye sublimation uses dyes suspended in water or other liquid solvents. Like the digital heat transfer process, dye sublimation also uses a heat-resistant transfer paper to print image. This penultimate print is a reverse of the final image, and is transferred on to polyester fabric (a fabric which is most suited for this process) in a heat press to produce desired effects.

6. Vinyl

Here a machine is employed to first cut out the letters and motifs from colored vinyl that are then heat-pressed and transferred on to the fabric. It’s rather delicate technique as it requires a balanced application of heat and pressure.

If you are in Singapore then it would worth your while to check out Provision Print (https://www.provisionprint.net/) for its custom tees and printing methods. You can get in touch with them on Whatsapp 96404213 or email at sales@provisionprint.net

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