Welfare Reliable Launches Astony, an Engaging Trend Of Interactive Storytelling

A brand-new enhancement to Welfare Reliable, Astony- ‘Hooked on the Story’ is finally live and available to use and download on Google Play(Android) & App store(IoS). Astony primarily engages users via their interactive storytelling techniques that adhere to user engagement through text chat-bots.

That’s what the tagline implies- Hooked on the story. An innovative way of interactive storytelling has just launched. It offers an ample repository of small bite-sized chat stories for a plethora of genres and moods that suit the users’ needs. Stories to fit any mood, whether its mystery, horror, yarn, and even love chat stories.

Uplift your mood and get hooked with the story you love. Filled with amazing plots, unexpected diversions, and immense storytelling tactics to make sure the user feels connected.

Feeling dribbled and empty inside? When was the last time you read a daunting yet amazing story? Or the commitment to large chunks of text is the issue?

That’s where Astony kicks in-

● Scary textual short stories- Subtle yet the scariest chat stories

● Romantic Love chats- Cheers to all those romantic souls who want to witness virtual romance.

● Fictional, Mysterious, and horror stories- Mixed with twisted plots and unexpected miss happenings, we’ve got a story for all.

Enjoy addictive chat stories that keep you hooked!

Got a plot-twisted story churned out in your mind? Don’t know what could be the perfect platform to kick start? Stay tuned with Astony to publish your own stories with us. Feature coming soon!

Enjoy a daily dose of entrainment under one roof. Dive yourself into the world of mystery, thriller, romance, and much more. Indulge yourself in astonishing chat stories.

Get power-packed stories of multiple genres embedded in a unified platform at leveraged pricing- Starting $1.99/ a week.
For More information about the Astony app and what it is capable of, Visit here…
Astony– For Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.astonly
Astony– For IoS https://apps.apple.com/us/app/astonly-hooked-on-the-story/id1527550067

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