Weblance Releases a New Curated Marketplace

[prMac.com] Manhattan Beach, California – Weblance officially announces the launch of its new curated freelance marketplace. “We are about bringing people together that believe project planning is essential to controlling scope and budget. We want to attract the right people too, we are curating our members who want to build quality apps at a fair price,” says Jeff Williams Weblance’s founder.

Until now generic freelance marketplaces have been buyer beware. Weblance aims to change the rules through member curation and remaining focused on doing 1 thing well, building apps. “We read code, so we can curate based on quality. In generic marketplace, highly skilled providers are consistently undercut with absurd pricing and clients are getting poor quality products. Generic marketplace escrow don’t protect users from poor quality. Work is work to them,” says Jeff. “We want people to be successful so we focused on only building apps and adding value by offering tools to mange the tripple constraint, cost, time and quality.”

Weblance is set to differentiate its brand with its improved marketplace model.

1. Rapid Deployment Tools:
Getting your app from design to deployment as quickly as possible is really the name of the game. Let’s face it, the faster you can employ the less it’s going to cost. Weblance is specifically designed to take applications from design to deployment as quickly as possible. There’s a lot that happens when you’re developing an app. Hundreds if not thousands of decisions must be undertaken and communicated to the team. Quickly identifying what decisions need to be made and who is responsible for execution is critical. Weblance effectively identifies those decisions, it tracks them and organizes them into a plan. The team can easily interpret this plan and work according to the plan with very little administrative overhead. In fact, Weblance is so effective at reducing administrative project overhead that apps can be deployed far quicker and at a lower cost.

2. Quality Standards:
One thing that generic freelance marketplaces really cannot do is to be involved in the quality equation. Projects all follow this holy Trinity of cost and quality and time. But generic freelance marketplaces only concern them selves with cost and time. Weblance proactively addresses the quality issue. Weblance does this in several ways. 1st we offer testing services so that you are able to hire a dedicated tester to help you determine the quality of your code. Another way we address quality is that if there are any resolution services requested, we will actually look at the code that was provided. If we feel it falls below standard we will act in favor of the client. This is great for providers to. Good providers choose good clients because they’re busy and they can. They want to go to a marketplace that has quality clients. By ensuring that we have quality providers delivering quality work and charging a fair price, we will attract quality clients. And finally, we address quality in the design of our tools. All of our tools are based on solid project methodologies and enforce best practices throughout the build. They have been designed to be used in a very simple and quick way that asks all users to participate and remain engaged.

3. Selective Membership:
Weblance is very open about who can sign up. but who stays is another matter. We are not shy about wanting to be a small marketplace focused on quality. We may have some approval process in the near future as well. We rather grow slowly with a quality base of user and avoid the reputation issue found in big generic marketplaces.

4. Best Practices Built In:
Weblance was founded and built by professional project managers and freelancers. We have been through it and know what it takes manage a project properly. Our tools are a manifestation of solid methodology and best practices. Building your project right means building at less cost and deploying faster. When you hire on Weblance, you know you are hiring providers that subscribe to build apps right.

5. Focused on Doing 1 Thing Well:
If your too generic you just can’t build a PMS platform the same way as you can when you are focused doing just 1 thing well. Generic marketplaces just can’t build tools for every industry and so they generally don’t build any. At Weblance we are focused strictly on building apps and building apps well.

6. We Read Code:
If you are a provider and have worked in a marketplace, you might be a bit annoyed by your lesser qualified colleagues ruining the reputation of the marketplace. Clients have no protection for quality in Generic marketplace and can easily get the short end of the stick. Generic marketplace offer no protection because quite simply, if there is any dispute they wont review the quality of the work performed. In fact they take the position that clients should pay even if the product is not functional. At Weblance, we do read code. We will protect the reputation of our marketplace and clients and providers can expect a higher level of service.

7. Safer transactions:
Weblance is designed to protect both providers and clients during the transaction process. Whats great about Weblance is that our transactional system is in lock step the PMS. Clients only need to fund and release in step by step process. Funding amounts are small and both clients and providers have a limited amount on the table at any particular time.

8. Budget & Scope Tracking:
Transparency is really the most important thing in a project and in building a successful application. Transparency is the best protection for clients and providers as well. Weblance tracks your budget, progress and scope. This saves providers from daily and weekly reporting obligations. It also tells clients exactly where the project stands in real time. You just can’t underestimate the importance of staying on top of your project and identifying and solving problems early. Budget and scope control is probably the most important single value add of using the Weblance system.Weblance
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Weblance is an evolution of the online freelance marketplace model. Weblance remains focused on Web Development, Design, Testing, Marketing and Support services so they can provide real tools that clients and providers need to deploy successfully. Project management, ticketing, channel management, design iteration tracking, wire framing, budgeting and deliverable predictions tools to name a few. Weblance has tackled issues of quality and best practices head on through providing greater transparency, stronger communication, superior project management for users (compared to competition). This results in more successful project completion and greater satisfaction among both customers and providers. Weblance’s work platform goes beyond just payment guarantees. They are dead set on ensuring that web development projects are managed and completed seamlessly from start to finish. Copyright (C) 2013 Weblance. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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