WebDirect Calendar for FileMaker: SeedCode Calendar is Now Even Faster

[prMac.com] Seattle, Washington – SeedCode is proud to introduce a new upgrade to their flagship calendar, especially tuned for folks working with the calendar from outside their local network: the calendar now runs in a browser through FileMaker WebDirect and runs scripts on the server when possible, making the calendar much faster.

FileMaker Calendar in a Browser:
“Our customers have been asking for browser access for years,” says John Sindelar of SeedCode. “We originally thought the browser experience wouldn’t have many of our desktop features–and that would have been OK as ease of access trumps any one feature–but we were able to deliver almost complete feature parity with the desktop calendar.”

Features shared between the desktop and WebDirect calendars include:
* Resources Scheduling
* Filters and Color Coding
* Gantt Charts
* Multiple Data Sources
* To-Do Lists
* Multi-Day Events

“Most importantly,” John Sindelar continues, “we stuck to straight-forward FileMaker layouts here so our customers will be able to modify these WebDirect layouts just like they do layouts on the desktop side of the calendar. Folks can get under the hood and extend the calendar to suit their own needs.”

The WebDirect side of SeedCode calendar is expressed in a separate set of scripts and layouts optimized for WebDirect. These partake of the same data mapping developers wire up for their desktop calendars so WebDirect support can be pasted into existing calendar deployments, providing they are up to date.

A Faster Calendar: Perform Script on Server:
The “Perform Script on Server” script step (PSOS) was introduced in FileMaker Server 13 to let clients of a hosted file run scripts on the server. Using PSOS can result in dramatic performance improvements for calendar users opening files from outside their local network.

“Our tests with the Pro Calendar showed refresh times 10-40 times faster when using PSOS from outside the network,” says John Sindelar of SeedCode.SeedCode
SeedCode Calendar Pro
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SeedCode has been building FileMaker templates since 2001 and is recognized as a leader in design, documentation, and development best practices. SeedCode’s John Sindelar is a returning DevCon speaker and one of the organizers of Pause on Error. He received the 2004 FileMaker Excellence Award for ‘Developing Outstanding Technical Resources for the FileMaker Pro Community’ and SeedCode Calendar was awarded the FileMaker Excellence Award for ‘Solution of the Year’ in 2010. SeedCode’s free SQL Explorer won the same Excellence Award in 2012. Copyright (C) 2014 SeedCode. All Rights Reserved. FileMaker, a subsidiary of Apple Inc., is a registered trademark of FileMaker, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

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