Way of Dreams App Reveals Hidden Meanings of Dreams

[prMac.com] Carnelian Bay, California – Kismetech LLC announces today it has added support for Android devices to Way of Dreams, its popular dream interpretation mobile app that reveals a more complete picture of the hidden meanings of dreams based on over 30 years of work with clients. This insightful app is already available for a wide variety of mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad, and is consistently featured as a top Lifestyle app.

The Way of Dreams app uses DreamScan Technology to analyze dreams more fully than simple dream dictionaries. It searches over 3,000 dictionary terms and related synonyms to provide interpretations of symbols contained in a dream. The definitions were written by author and talk radio dream analyst Kari Hohne.

“With Way of Dreams, you’ll discover how dreams awaken you to self-knowledge and purpose in life,” said Kari Brown, CEO of Kismetech. “We’re excited to bring our app to Android users so they too can experience these rich dream interpretations.”

To start the analysis in Way of Dreams, users type their entire dream into the image of a cloud. Writing out the dream in sentences (rather than simply searching for one keyword) allows for more complete interpretations. The app uses DreamScan Technology to deliver interpretations by searching thousands of terms and synonyms.

The enlightening journey then begins to better understand the dream. Users can explore by clicking the hyperlink on any symbol definition to learn about related ideas.

Way of Dreams helps users get a richer and more complete understanding. It helps them see how symbols inter-relate by delivering a list of many relevant items. This is important because dream symbols can have different meanings depending on the person’s association with them.

“We dream about what we are not facing or acknowledging,” Kari Brown said. “The Way of Dreams app helps you step back and explore the symbol objectively, guiding you to self knowledge, wellness, and lasting success.”

Also included in the app is a comprehensive Dream Dictionary based on over 3 decades of actual dreamwork with clients. Users can search the list for specific symbols seen in their dream and read insightful explanations.

In addition, users can write in the Dream Diary for future reference and comparison. The diary is helpful for people who often forget their dreams or want a convenient place to record them.

Features of the Way of Dreams app include:
* Dream Interpretations – Users can type in their dream for more complete analysis
* Dream Dictionary – Search 3000 individual keywords and discover their meanings
* Expert Definitions – Written by author and dream analyst Kari Hohne
* Richer Analysis – See how important symbols are related to each other
* Dream Diary – Record dreams to remember them later

Device requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Kindle Fire, Kindle Reader, Android, Nook, and Samsung devices
* Requires at least iOS 4.3 or Android 2.2
* Approximately 2 MB

Pricing and availability:
Way of Dreams 3.7 is currently available for sale worldwide for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Kindle Fire, Kindle Reader, Android, Nook, and Samsung devices in the Lifestyle category for $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies). Review copies are available upon request.Kismetech
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