WarrantNow Helps Circleville, Ohio PD Increase Compliance with COVID-19 Pre-screening

The Circleville, OH police department is using WarrantNow’s electronic warrant application as a protective and productive tool during this COVID-19 pandemic. WarrantNow is a web-based application that digitizes every stage of warrant creation; improving efficiency and saving on costs. Officers can log into the WarrantNow application from any internet-ready smartphone or computer.

Circleville police department is a team of 21 officers, serving 14, 000 residents. Recently, officers have struggled to maintain safety precautions with arrestees who refuse to comply with COVID-19 testing. Detective Jon Farrelly of Circleville PD said, “if we have a new arrestee who refuses to submit to testing, then we can’t properly screen them for COVID-19 before we book them. That puts our officers and the public at risk. We would need to create a search warrant for that person for COVID-19 compliance, but that process normally take us days to complete. Over the past two months, we’ve held off on at least 75 arrests because we weren’t able to execute search warrants.”

“With WarrantNow, we can create an executable search warrant in minutes”, Detective Farrelly added. By virtually eliminating paper, Circleville PD can create warrants anytime. “While I’m on -scene, at my desk, or on a smartphone, I can log into the WarrantNow app from my computer create a search warrant. A Judge will receive a text to let him or her know that there’s a new warrant for them to sign. They log into the same system, sign it, and we have a judge-approved warrant that we can execute.”

Circleville Police Department is one of over 150 agencies across the United States who choose WarrantNow to expedite and simplify their warrant process.

Brian Johnson of WarrantNow said, “We are proud to serve the Circleville PD. WarrantNow was created to give officers more support as they serve and protect our communities, and help jurisdictions save money in the long run. We look forward to a continuing our partnership with Circleville.”

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