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[prMac.com] Bangalore, India – War in Galaxy Game, Space Invaders are Back! Just be warned, if you put one quarter in, you’ll be putting many more in the machine. Tharle Games is proud to announce new arcade game release War in Galaxy for iPad and iPhone, a remix of space invaders and other space shooting games intended to provide immense space action for iOS and arcade game lovers. The game is released on 4 September 2012 and is globally available on AppStore for download.

War in Galaxy is iOS version of the classic Space Invaders, arcade games with enhanced graphics and advanced gameplay. Fight with new alien spaceships and huge alien bosses. Best shoot-em-up arcade available in the app store, Old school arcade games like these still manages to pull the fun and excitement. It’s simple twitch action that provides for serious experience as the difficulty level escalate.

The game is addictive in the same manner as space invaders. Player will be trying to get a higher score. Might possible that such a goal engaged player to spend plenty of time in pursuit of achieving personal high score or breaking own score. The game is simple in a way, makes it’s inviting for unsuspecting players. In a nut shell it’s easy to hooked with this game but harder to leave your device.

Space Invaders is an epic in arcade game world, where player shoots at rows of descending space aliens. War in Galaxy is trying to give players same experience of Space Invaders with the improved AI of aliens thus, giving a mere twist in the game play and movement of alien ships with a comic presentation.Tharle Games
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