VITAL ELEMENTS announces the launch of its new range of DIY, Long Lasting Anti Microbial, Anti Virus Coatings

VITAL ELEMENTS today announced the launch of its new range of anti microbial, antivirus products for all kinds of non living surfaces for commercial, industrial and residential settings, the whole range consists of multiple products, including long-lasting coatings, disinfectants, vegetable disinfectants, HVAC disinfectants, linen and clothes disinfectant and hand sanitisers.

VIROSHIELD is an ultra long lasting, non toxic and stable surface coating infused with antimicrobial technology that is being applied to the surfaces to inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria, mold and mildew, spread of viruses by up to 99.9% results.

“In light of the current COVID-19 health crisis, it was incredibly important to us to focus our research and development on products that can help stop the spread of harmful microbes and to make them available to hospitals and healthcare facilities as soon as possible,” said Mr. Sajan Patade and Mr. Shabbir Habib, Directors of Vital elements India Pvt Ltd.

VIROSHIELD an Antimicrobial Coating contains semi-conductor kind of self curing coating application that exhibits multifunctional properties to inhibit the growth of microbe, while reducing the spread of Virus, bacteria, fungi and mold, the coating is washable and provides a long lasting antimicrobial effect on the surface 24/7.

The antimicrobial technology infused in VIROSHIELD is certified by the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Z 2801 method, European Standard EN 1650, Indian Standards 15185:2018, 5887 (P-2)-1976, 14648:2011, 16266 (P-2) 2018, ISO:7899 (P-2) 2000, AATCC 147 – 2016, ISO 21702 etc by various independent Government and NABL Labs.

VIROSHIELD Antimicrobial Coating is immediately available as an additional option for factories, hotels, restaurants, homes, cars, etc . For more information, please visit

Vital Elements has introduced these products in collaboration with Organic121 Scientific Inc, which is a renowned specialist in the areas of research, development and manufacture of ecologically high-quality, economically efficient innovative, long lasting disinfecting formulations, sprays and coatings.

The multilevel antimicrobial disinfectant coating synergistically combines ‘release-killing’, ‘contact killing’ , high zeta potential and ‘anti-adhesion’ properties to enable Long-lasting disinfection of surfaces. The coating has been reported to be responsive to the contamination and rapidly inactivate a very large panel of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria (>99.99%), Viruses of various kinds like Coronaviruses and several other kinds of viruses (99.9996%) including Mold and Mildew within 1 minute of contact with the coated surface.

The coating is safe and does not cause skin irritation or affect the lung function in humans. The coating can be applied by spray or wipe on variety of surfaces without altering the visual, tactile, or olfactory property of the coated surface.

The product is being used to disinfect frequent touch point areas and place of frequent infection so that it should not become breeding spots for community infection spread.

The company’s product range includes innovative and technologically sophisticated antimicrobial coatings to protect all kinds of surfaces, HVAC products, electronic appliances, and food processing facilities, medical packaging, fabric, printing inks, varnishes, filters and others to suit the individual needs of each of its customers.

By suppressing the growth of microbes formed on their respective surfaces antimicrobial coatings destroy or inhibit the growth of microorganisms, especially pathogenic which come from nature. These microbes can be deleterious to human health if there is absence of antimicrobial coating on HVAC systems, air-conditioning systems, food processing and packaging, medical packaging, textiles, construction applications in corporate offices, commercial areas, industries, residential building and others.

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