Visualize iOS interfaces in 3D with the Spark Inspector, Available Now

[] Nashville, Tennessee – For years, web developers have had all the fun. Tools like Firebug and the Chrome Inspector make it easy to understand web interfaces and make changes on the fly. Today, Foundry376 is excited to announce the Spark Inspector, a tool that brings much-needed realtime introspection to the world of iOS development! The Spark Inspector is available for download immediately, and has already garnered hundreds of rave reviews on Twitter.

Apple provides great developer tools, but interface bugs can be tricky to uncover. The Spark Inspector changes the game with an entirely new debugging perspective: a stunning, three-dimensional view of an app’s interface that updates in real-time as it runs. Pan and zoom around your interface to reveal how layouts are structured, and unearth bugs quickly using Spark’s powerful display options. Fine-tuning views? The Spark Inspector mimics Interface Builder, and allows you to preview adjustments to your app’s views in real-time. Make runtime modifications to everything from button frames to CALayer shadows and transforms, right from the Inspector’s sidebar! We spent more than a year developing the Spark Inspector for our internal use, and it’s packed with features to help you craft the best interfaces on earth.

Wiring your app together with notifications? The Spark Inspector also features a groundbreaking Notifications panel where you can monitor NSNotificationCenter in real-time. Watch as notifications are sent and observers are registered in the dispatch table. Look at stack traces where notifications are sent, see observer methods that were invoked, and more. With powerful search features and the ability to re-fire notifications, debugging takes minutes, not hours.

The Spark Inspector is intended for developers and does not work with applications downloaded off the App Store. It connects to apps running in the simulator or on a device using a custom framework, and provides powerful inspection tools that accelerate developer’s workflows. A built-in setup assistant automates the process of setting up Xcode projects with the Spark Inspector, so there are no configuration changes to make!

Stop debugging notifications and interface problems the old way. The Spark Inspector is a must-have for both novice and professional iOS developers, and it’s available today! The app is shareware, and a free thirty day trial with all features is available on the Spark Inspector website. Licenses can be purchased securely from the product website.Spark Inspector
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