VISTAAR is empowering Biopharma & Device teams with Product & Label Intel modules

VISTAAR, a provider of Regulatory and Clinical Intelligence solutions with AI driven technology for the life sciences industry, brings enhanced Product Analytics & Label Intelligence modules for Drug & Devices.

Product Analytics provides holistic insights to regulatory and product teams to research available products in market, current global clinical development activity in those therapeutic areas and health agencies recent updates. All these presented in easily consumable dashboards and reports.

Label Intelligence has more than 300K approved product labels (Drugs & Devices) from Canada, USA, UK, and EU. These are updated daily allowing user to conduct advanced searches (by company/product/indication and more options), perform a side by side comparisons of over 20 labels, and be notified on changes as they occur.

Drug & Device product professionals may sign up and start experiencing the insights or visit VISTAAR website to learn more.

VISTAAR is most up-to-date compared to any other Intel or data source because we use smart artificial intelligence methods all throughout. With a unique combination of technology and smart people, you will get your strategy and trusted insights much faster. Over many years, VISTAAR has built deep data sets to help you on your Regulatory and Clinical projects. All this done at the best price point in the industry.

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