Virtual LeaderCon Free: Over 40 Leadership Experts At Your Fingertips

We are living in a time where good leadership is needed more than ever. The Kevin Eikenberry Group, an expert in leadership development, is excited to host Virtual LeaderCon, a 5-day event offering over 40 experts who you’ll have direct and live access to. Conference date is Sept. 14 – 18, 2020.

You’ll learn powerful tactics on topics including crisis leadership, leading remotely, how to lead introverts, the importance of humor in leadership and more. Over 40 professionals with an impressive depth and breadth of leadership expertise comprise the heart of this conference, together in one place!

Three Choices are offered:

• Join us live, all five days, FREE | Register at
• Live, plus access to video, audio, and transcripts of every session. Cost: $199
• Team discounts are available. Contact Marlene at 317-387-1424, ext. 14 or marlene ( @ ) kevineikenberry dot com

Speakers and their session topics include:
• Keith Ferrazzi, Founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, SESSION: Leading Without Authority
• Dr. Rob Bell, sports psychologist, coach, author of “The Hinge: The Importance of Mental Toughness”, SESSION: Puke and Rally: It’s not about the setback, it’s About the Comeback
• Dr. Carolyn Goerner, professor at Indiana University Kelley School of Business, SESSION: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
• Shasta Nelson, M.Div, author of “The Business of Friendship” and leading voice on loneliness, SESSION: It Doesn’t Have to be Lonely at the Top
• Jon Gordon, Best-Selling Author and Keynote Speaker, SESSION: Three Things Necessary to Lead in a Crisis

Looking for a subject matter expert in remote work and leadership? Kevin Eikenberry and his Remote Leadership Institute co-founder Wayne Turmel possess a depth of knowledge delivered with authenticity and humor. They are the perfect subject matter experts. Contact Laura Davis at Laura ( @ ) KevinEikenberry dot com or 601-720-1104 (cell)

The Kevin Eikenberry Group (KEG) was founded in 1993 by Kevin Eikenberry. A leadership development and consulting firm, the KEG offers many leadership products to include teleconferences, workshops, and customized training and consulting as well as leadership coaching. Kevin Eikenberry has served as a keynote speaker at conferences and corporate events around the U.S., and has authored several bestselling books on leadership. He serves on the Board of directors for the Ag Alumni Seed Company.

Laura Davis | Laura ( @ ) KevinEikenberry dot com | 601-720-1104 (cell)

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