Virtual Electronics Launches VEnterface Services Platform

Virtual Electronics PTE LTD, a Singapore-registered outsourcing software development company, has launched a new smart collaboration services platform, VEnterface. The platform aims to facilitate collaboration among innovative Singaporean and Australian entrepreneurs, and improve their decision making using data discovery and data leveraging.

VEnterface platform features include:

– Tools to estimate different innovative market entry variants (Algorithmic business)

– Higher visibility of collaborators on the platform (Matching service)

– Data-driven procedures to make well-weighted decisions on collaborations (Data-driven business)

– A platform-based community for cooperation and partnering (Opportunities of sharing economy)

Businesses in Singapore and Australia will benefit from its cutting-edge technology and expert IT solutions, backed by their main office in Singapore and development offices in Ukraine and Belarus. The company aims to leverage its prime location in Singapore while opening a new office in Adelaide, South Australia as an entry point to the Australian market and creating more partnership opportunities in the region.

The VEnterface online platform is an information tool designed to help modern entrepreneurs to explore new business opportunities enhancing local and international collaborating. The platform is specifically designed to increase the visibility of innovative products and services in markets leveraging knowledge management techniques. As the platform aims to help all Singapore-Australia market players grow business efficiently and cost-effectively, creating an extensive network of service providers collaborating on the platform is crucial.

The VEnterface platform leverages a Virtual Assistant to help entrepreneurs input data along their entry journey. Aggregated and categorized input data can highlight the real scope of collaboration opportunities. Working with the collaboration service, members of the platform-based community will utilise carefully curated output data. VEnterface creates value for all members of the platform, identifying areas of their initial interests and demonstrating the scope of opportunities.

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