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[] Vancouver, Canada – VigStore has announced VigCal, a smart organizer suite developed for iOS/Watch OS/OSX. VigCal is an integration calendar app. It is perfect for busy individuals, business organizations, from school, or at home, VigCal is a great tool to manage appointments, tasks and notes with minimum time and cost. This app is designed specifically to help you manage day-to-day appointments, tasks and notes. Some features are special and not seen in other apps, such as a check list along with tasks, appointments or tasks, with events and notes that can link together to make them into workflows. VigCal also includes a smart function, that fills your tasks on the calendar: automatically finding the best rooms as well as neatly fitting your tasks on there.

With VigCal, you can share your data with your friends, coworkers via our cloud service easily. There is also powerful note taking integrated directly in the app, which supports multiple text style formats with multiple hand writing/drawing styles. It also supports you many skins as well as many options to view your data in the app. And you can show your data as list or folder view.

With VigCal, you can see your task, event and note in the coming list, where “Coming now” will show you the event at time, task on due or note on date. The “Upcoming” will notify your tasks, events and notes that are coming up within the next 24 hours. You can print your data, share to Facebook, export to PDF/PNG – anywhere and not just for notes but also evens and tasks.

From VigCal, you can see weather information directly from the app. VigCal also supports an integrated weather forecast so you can easily make your plans by defining your task, event or note directly from there. You also can show your tasks, events and notes on a map around your current location with adjustable distance.

VigCal offers the best sync performance and stability with Google Calendar, Google Tasks, built-in iOS/OSX Calendar, built-in iOS/OSX Reminder, Toodledo and our cloud server. VigCal will help you manage your time efficiently with elegant and friendly organizer. VigCal supports not only iOS but also Watch OS and Mac OS X. All have the same features and data can be synced easily via our own cloud server.

Major features:
* Task, event and note are color code and put in the same view
* Show you tasks, events and notes that are at time in Coming now and notify you something are coming next within 24 hours
* Zoom in/out your views for three-day view, week view, month view or quarter-year view
* Not just solar, but also lunar date supported
* Multiple kinds of ordering data: by important levels or by dates
* Many kinds of views (folder or list) and many kinds of skin
* Flexible working day time, also flexible day-off
* Balance time to show you how is your busy/free on each day
* Daily weather and weather forecast may be useful for your planing
* Smart booking your tasks: automatically find rooms for your tasks on calendar
* Find tasks on map from your current location
* Drag & drop data anywhere with finger
* Link data together anywhere to keep flows and tracks
* Not just link data together only, but data can link to photo, audio, video, document files
* Not just link data inside your local device, but also from web
* Quick add/link anywhere: from views, from calendar, from timeline, from weather forecast or from email
* Many kinds of import, export data
* Sub tasks are formatted as check list along with task, event and note to help you define what you will need to do and track what have been done
* Tasks and events can be invited via email or shared via our cloud
* Tasks, events and notes can have alert, location (to show on map) and can be repeated
* Tasks can be timed to track your spending time
* Powerful note with multiple styles of text combines with hand drawing, voice note, video note and photo notes
* Print anywhere, Facebook anywhere, export PDF/PNG anywhere and send to email or save to Photo album
* VigCal can run on iOS devices, Watch OS devices and OSX devices
* Keep your data on your devices to be together via our cloud service
* Can sync with built in Calendar, built in Reminder and directly sync with Google Calendar, Google Tasks and Toodledo
* Backup/restore your data via Dropbox
* Security with app passcode, help you protect your local data and easy to recovery via email
* Application Interface: it is clean, simple, easy to use and focused on your productivity
* Manage your calendars online and offline: data can be added, edited and deleted any time, all changes will be synced backed to your sync sources once you are online
* Elegant and beautiful user interface, rich features set but easy to use

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod and iPad that runs with iOS 8.0 or later
* Apple Watch that runs OS 2.0 or later
* 25.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
VigCal is in-app purchase, download free and $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) for full features upgrade. It is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.VigStore
VigCal 1.2
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YouTube Video (iPad)
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AweSoft is a young and dedicated IT company, we have engineers who have profound experiences with productivity products, we apply latest technologies in software development, we work daily with most advanced devices on the market, especially iOS devices. Our aim is to develop the best productivity products to make your life easier! Copyright (C) 2015 AweSoft Co., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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