VideoProc Released: New Era for Full GPU-Accelerated 4K Video Processing

[] Chengdu, China – Digiarty Software, industry-leader of multimedia software developer, today announced with proud the debut of VideoProc 3.0, the most competent product ever with full support for GPU acceleration for all Windows and Mac users. The program blends 4 “the best of its kind” video tools into a unique span-new build, namely an HD/4K video editor, a media converter, an online content downloader, and a desktop & iPhone recorder.

“VideoProc is by far the most powerful software we’ve ever created to edit, convert, compress, record, and adjust videos. We’ve embodied a slew of next-generation technologies in it, including the world’s unique Level-3 Hardware Acceleration tech relied on Intel, Nvidia and AMD, as well as support for 4K/8K resolutions, HEVC and 3D,” said Jack Han, CEO of the company, “It has almost all users’ needs covered related to video processing with fluid experience – it is a future product and the beginning of our following plans. The program (both for Windows and Mac) now goes live from today.”

Edit & process 4K/HD videos, DVDs, and more:
VideoProc, as its name indicates, gives a focus on processing videos. This is not limited to format changing but also touches on virtually every aspect of “entry-level” editing like cutting, merging, cropping, subtitles adding, rotating, watermarks, and effects. With a specialized ToolBox, the program also offers “professional-grade” options to deshake, denoise, make GIF, correct lens distortion, etc. for enthusiasts, creators or anyone trying to make exquisite videos at one go. All features are engineered with a special care on modern video content such as 4K UHD videos, highly-compressed HEVC files, footages @ FHD 60fps, 120fps, Raw recordings from GoPro, DJI, DSLR cameras, iPhone, other popular devices.

The built-in transcoding engine takes care of a mish-mash of media types and formats, freely converting videos, DVDs and audio files among H.265, H.264, MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and 420 popular formats. An all-encompassing presets library makes media perfectly fit the latest mobiles, TVs, online sites and social media. Full control over the bit rate, resolution, quality, GOP, encoding mode, etc. is at users’ fingertips for further customization. It’s a one-stop solution for polishing footages shot with drones, making family travel videos, compressing GoPro 4K clips for social media, sharing game walkthroughs, becoming a YouTube star, and more.

Full GPU acceleration makes 4K processing fast and smooth:
Pioneering the unique Level-3 Hardware Acceleration technology, it’s the only software on the market that applies full Intel, Nvidia, and AMD GPU accelerations throughout processing, bringing the speed to 47x real-time faster. Together with advanced technologies like Auto Copy and High-Quality Engine, it runs up to 5x faster than rivals with top quality while keeping the system cool and brimming with power. The program actually covers 98% of daily used features. Other features include:

* Video downloading – Free download videos, playlists, 4K/8K UHD clips, audio, etc. from 1000 online sites. It offers super fast speed and 100% intact quality.

* Recording – Capture screen, webcam, and iPhone with audio. Record picture in picture, add texts or outlines, adjust flexible recording settings, and more.

“We created VideoProc in responding of the deluge of video content and rapid evolution in HD, UHD resolutions that create too much burden to process cost-effectively and swiftly,” added Jack Han, “With the single tool, users gain all the features they require for everyday video tasks. They don’t need to shell out big bucks and go through the intimidating learning curve for presumer tools. Simply start editing right out of the box.”

Pricing and Availability
VideoProc 3.0 is available now worldwide for users on Windows 10/8/7/Vista and macOS Mojave or earlier. Officially priced at $59.90 (USD), a full license is now half off at $29.95, together with various flexible license options offered at steep discounts in celebration of its grand release. Check the details at VideoProc Official Page.VideoProc 3.0
Level-3 Hardware Acceleration
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