Video File List 1.0 released for macOS

[] Bern, Switzerland – Lakehorn AG is pleased to announce the first release of their new app Video File List for macOS. Video File List is used to find out more about any collection of movies files. It can help find poor quality content and will make it easier to clean up movie collections.

Video and movie files can fill up the disk of a Mac very quickly. Not all of those files need to be kept, others are not properly encoded and waste a lot of precious disk space. Many old files also use outdated video codecs that could be re-encoded. This is where Video File List comes in. It can parse folders of movie files in minutes or even less and display a clean overview of the files that where found.

Video File List displays all necessary information to decide what to do with a movie file. This includes properties like video resolution or runtime. Most importantly, Video File List calculates the compression ratio of the file. This ratio gives a good indication on the visual quality. The ratio depends on the video codec that was used to compress the movie file. For x264 types, the expected compression ratio can vary from 1:100 – 1:300. For the newer x265 codec, the ratio can go up to 1:1000! Movies files with a ratio of 1:80 or less should probably be re-encoded to save space.

Various filters can be used to limit the results to those files that need inspection. The results can also be exported and used further in any spreadsheet app. An external movie player can be setup and will be used for playback of movies with a single double-click. Movie files can also be moved directly to the trash from within Video File List.

Video File List is a proper macOS app, following all Apple guidelines for making a clean and familiar user experience. Video parsing uses either Apple Quicktime or optimised video parsers developed specifically for this app. It doesn’t rely on any 3rd party library, which makes it very fast!

Main features:
* Detect poor quality content in movie collections
* Sort and filter all movie files based on many properties like compression ratio, runtime, resolution, video format etc.
* Can identify and classify up to 500 movie files per minute on a fast Mac
* Supports many common movie formats on Macs, like all Quicktime formats, mp4, mkv, avi

Upcoming updates:
We plan to release updates to Video File List on a regular basis. For the next releases we will improve Finder integration, add support for FLV files and much more. We want to listen to our users for their input and suggestions on further improving Video File List.

Device Requirements:
* Requires macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher
* 64-bit processor
* 4.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Video File List 1.0 for Mac is a $3.99 (USD) download available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Video category. For more information, please contact Oliver Dreer.Lakehorn AG
Video File List 1.0
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