Verdant Skies – Modern Life Simulation with Deep Storytelling

[] Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota – Howling Moon Software has announced Verdant Skies, its latest game title for Windows and Mac. Verdant Skies is a life simulation game born from a love for games like Harvest Moon and a desire to create something unique with modern gameplay and deep storytelling.

You’ve accepted the mission. But you know there’s no turning back after your ship is damaged upon landing. You’re on Viridus Primus, an alien world filled with wildlife and possibility. As you build a home for yourself, you spend your days fishing, painting and combining genes from various crops so they flourish for generations. You make friends with a robust cast of colonists, deepening your relationships as you work together in this exotic world.

Verdant Skies tells your story through rich dialogue, lovingly hand-painted locales and friends and an adaptive musical score that responds to your playstyle as you explore. Will you create a sprawling home for yourself? Do you spend your days amassing a fortune to send back home? Or do you build a deep and lasting romance with someone in the colony? The possibilities are as endless as the stars.

“Verdant Skies looks like it will be a creative spin on the farming life genre,” says PCGamer’s Lauren Morton. “It has a lovely, hand-painted art style and all the normal fare we expect from casual farming sims, but the addition of genetic manipulation is what’s likely to make it a superior specimen.” Regarding Verdant Skies’ gene splicing mechanic, programmer Andy Korth says, “you can get really into it and optimize different strains of each crop for different goals, like having a low-maintenance crop that you can plant and forget.”

The story of Verdant Skies will be yours to tell with the Verdant Skies Modding System. Customize artwork, dialogue, items, crafting recipes and more using the same methods the development team used to create the world of Viridus Primus. Verdant Skies is available on Steam.Verdant Skies
Verdant Skies on Steam
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