VeganMed, Inc. announces new list of verified animal-free medications and supplements

San Francisco, Calif. – VeganMed, Inc. announced today a new list of 25 over-the-counter medications that have been verified with the manufacturers as being void of animal-derived ingredients. The addition of these products bolsters VeganMed’s marketplace of over 200 animal-free products, the largest independently-verified collection of its kind.

While great strides have been taken in many aspects of vegan living such as meat and dairy alternatives and vegan clothing, one need that has not been met is clearly labeled vegan medication and supplements. This need is highlighted by the American Medical Association, who recently adopted a policy urging manufacturers to denote animal-derived ingredients on product labels. Common examples of animal-derived ingredients include tablet binders like gelatin and magnesium stearate, which are typically derived from cow and pig byproducts.

VeganMed’s previous proprietary database analysis using data from the FDA, discovered animal-derived ingredients in nearly 3 out of 4 oral medications. Common medications such as statins and aspirin contained animal-derived ingredients in 98% and 57% of them, respectively. The most common animal-derived ingredients include magnesium stearate, lactose, and gelatin, which were present in 56.8%, 37.3%, and 14.1% of products, respectively.

Danielle Pender, PharmD, BCPS, Chief Information Officer at VeganMed states, “Verifying these essential over-the-counter medications is a huge step for vegans and other conscious consumers. We are so excited to leverage our experience in the pharmaceutical industry to help those looking for animal-free medications.”

VeganMed, Inc. maintains a consolidated list of verified animal-free medications and supplements through their online marketplace. This one-stop shop for animal-free products can be found at

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VeganMed, Inc (California, USA) was founded by pharmacists to create a world where medications and supplements are completely free from animal-derived ingredients. We provide resources to help consumers learn what’s inside their products and find options that are Certified Animal Free. For common over-the-counter medications and supplements without any animal ingredients, VeganMed has an online marketplace.

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