Vector Victor 1.0 for iPad: 3D Math App Takes Mystery Out of Vectors

[] Westfield, Indiana – Very Alien Productions today is proud to introduce Vector Victor 1.0 for iPad, their newest math app that helps students and professionals with vectors. The application makes it simple to create, edit, and perform operations on vectors in 2D and impressive 3D. By also including a reference of vector definitions, properties, operations, and examples, Vector Victor is a powerful and convenient all-in-one app. Its ease of use and comprehensive features make it the perfect visualization tool for everyone.

Feature Highlights:
* Easily draw and edit vectors
* Visualize in 2D and impressive 3D
* Quickly create parallel, perpendicular, reflected, or unit vectors
* Calculate vector length, dot product, and the angle between vectors
* Visually perform addition, subtraction, cross product, and projection operations
* Learn all about vectors using a handy on-board reference

Draw 2D vectors by swiping a finger or entering values in a table. Vectors are edited graphically with taps and swipes or by changing table values. Once a vector is created, users can easily and quickly create a perpendicular, parallel, reflected, or unit vector. If the standard x and y-axes are not good enough, users can simply change the grid units and origin (0, 0) position.

The power of the app is demonstrated by its vector operations. Vector Victor automatically calculates the length of each vector. For any pair of vectors, the app numerically and graphically shows the result of addition, subtraction, cross product, and projection. It also calculates the dot product and the angle between the vectors, and indicates whether the two vectors are parallel or perpendicular to each other.

Users do not live in a 2D world, which is why Vector Victor also offers impressive visualization of 3D vectors. Users rotate and zoom the 3D space with familiar swipe and pinch gestures. All of the 2D vector operations are also available in 3D. Imagine no more simple targets representing cross products in 2D because they come alive in the 3D world of Vector Victor.

To help users with understanding vectors, the app includes a handy reference of vector definitions, properties, and operations with examples. Curious on how to calculate the length of a vector? The reference provides the formula, as well as an example of using it. Want to better understand the properties associated with dot product or projection? The reference describes them. Interested in the practical uses of a cross product? Look no further than the included reference for that information.

“We’re very excited about the launch of Vector Victor,” says Jim Parshall, founder of Very Alien Productions. “We see a strong need for a vector tool like this. Graphically showing the result of vector operations is incredibly useful, but we think our users will be especially thrilled with the 3D visualization. The app’s features and operation will appeal to both students and professionals.”

Device Requirements:
* iPad or iPad mini
* Requires iOS 5.1 or later
* 13.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Vector Victor 1.0 is $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. Review copies are available upon request.Vector Victor 1.0
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