Vapor Steps Up to Win the Framework Battle of Server Side Swift

[] London, UK – Nodes, a leading European based app development company, saw Vapor’s potential in the project’s first few weeks on GitHub. The parties decided to join in a partnership followed by an investment that allows the creators to work full time on the project with greater access to enterprise resources and clients. Vapor has since become one of the leading frameworks taking advantage of Swift’s newfound power on Linux.

It was only a matter of time before Swift as a web language would get its breakthrough. Benchmarks are extremely positive, with some showing performance gains as high as 100 times over traditional web languages; 1 Swift’s modern language features help prevent bugs and reduce development time. Tanner Nelson and Logan Wright, the creators of Vapor, are heading the massive community behind the framework. With almost 5,000 GitHub stars and over 400 contributors, Vapor and its supporters are growing fast.

“The momentum behind Swift is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It was voted the most loved developer language of 2015, and became the most starred language on GitHub seemingly overnight. Logan and I are seeing this same momentum pushing Vapor forward. Hundreds of developers are contributing to Vapor at this very moment and the numbers are growing exponentially with every passing day” says Vapor’s creator, Tanner Nelson. “The partnership with Nodes gives Logan and I the freedom to give Vapor our full attention, without compromising its open source nature. We’ve been working on the project full time for almost two months now and we’re exceeding every expectation we’ve set. We’re on track for an earth shattering 1.0 release.”

CTO of Nodes, Casper Rasmussen adds: “As a developer partner for several large corporations, we are constantly asked to push the limits for technical knowledge and implementations. By taking this step and partnering with Vapor, we secure that we and all our talented employees stay on the forefront. At the same time, we get to give back to the open source community by adding the building blocks to the framework which is needed in order to be adopted by the enterprise world. This should be a win for all parties.”

The details of the deal are not disclosed, but consist of cash, engineers, and counsel. The deal is between Nodes and Qutheory, the company behind Vapor. Their current focus is on expanding Vapor’s feature set, hardening security, and growing the community.

A nascent company created to support and protect Vapor’s community. Qutheory is devoted to creating modular server side software with Swift. It currently maintains over 50 Linux-ready Swift packages on GitHub and contributes back to countless other open source Swift projects.Qutheory
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