Using Konica Minolta CS200 for DICOM Calibration on Mac Now Possible

[] Nice, France – QUBYX has announced that its DICOM calibration solution PerfectLum now supports Konica Minolta CS200, a professional and highly accurate luminance and color meter.

“We seek to make our software compatible with various measurement devices of different expertise levels to ensure flexibility and universality of use,” says Marc Leppla, Director of QUBYX. “PerfectLum supporting this professional meter will be beneficial for both our medical imaging customers and Minolta CS200 users.”

Konica Minolta CS200 is capable of measuring any light source on a wide range of luminance levels starting with only 0.01cd/m2. An updated auto mode allows determining the speed of measurements according to the light source that is measured. Due to a lightweight battery, Konica Minolta CS200 is very operable for a professional device and relatively easy to move around.

PerfectLum application is created for medical imaging industry and features DICOM calibration, display profiling, acceptance and constancy tests to such medical QA standards as AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-157, and others. With free server software for remote display control, PerfectLum is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and allows no-intervention maintenance for an unlimited number of medical displays throughout a facility or even a network of clinics.

Supporting Konica Minolta CS200, PerfectLum can take advantage of the highly accurate measurements from the device to deliver even more accurate calibration. With the sensor’s ability to measure luminance and color, PerfectLum will build even more accurate ICC profiles and DICOM calibration LUTs. This will ensure confidence in the quality of diagnostic displays. Being light and portable, unlike many other professional sensors, Konica Minolta CS200 with PerfectLum gives a possibility to calibrate all displays in a clinic with one of the most accurate meters available, or to perform factory calibrations by the display manufacturer.

About Konica Minolta Sensing, Inc.
Derived from the state-of-the-art optical and image processing technologies, Konica Minolta’s measuring instruments help improve quality control and precision in a wide variety of industries. The company’s display color analyzers for measuring the color and luminance of displays, and spectrophotometers, colorimeters and other color measuring instruments used for essential color management in many manufacturing plants play important roles in supporting various manufacturing industries. For more information about Konica Minolta Sensing Inc. please visit (
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QUBYX is a technology contributor to medical imaging and color management industries. QUBYX solutions include display management systems, color calibration and verification software for medical imaging and defense industries use. QUBYX software ensures that the quality of display image always conforms to the highest standards of any industry relying on professional monitors. QUBYX Software Technologies Ltd. is a privately owned company, based in Nice, France.

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