User Hook Helps App Developers Create Power Users

[] Franklin, Tennessee – User Hook, a mobile app user retention and re-engagement service, opens publicly to all mobile developers after a successful closed beta. User Hook helps mobile app developers create a relationship between themselves and their users. Through the use of in-app messaging, feedback forms, surveys, and push messages, developers are able to engage users and gain their trust.

“As an app developer, I often felt a distance between myself and my users. We had no relationship,” says Matt Johnston, founder of User Hook. “So we developed a suite of tools that allow us to listen to our users and use that feedback to give them a better app experience.”

After adding User Hook to a mobile app by using the provided iOS or Android SDKs, developers are able to administer all messaging through the User Hook admin website. User Hook’s advanced user targeting allows developers to reach the right user, with the right message, at the right time.

User Hook’s tools include:
* In-App Feedback Forms
* In-App Surveys
* Scheduled Push Messages
* Rate This App Prompt
* User Targeting Tools
* SDKs for iOS and Android

User Hook is available as a monthly subscription service with a Free plan option for developers who want to try User Hook’s functionality.Cullaboration Media
User Hook

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