Use Drives Formatted in Windows on a Mac Without Restrictions

[] Espoo, na – Tuxera is proud to announce a new release of Tuxera NTFS for Mac, a powerful application for macOS which allows users to enjoy full functionality of NTFS drives formatted in Windows. The latest edition adds complete support for the latest version of macOS – macOS Catalina.

With Tuxera NTFS for Mac, you can enjoy all the same functions as users can in Windows when using NTFS drives. This is especially useful for those who use both operating systems. It’s also invaluable for those who have USB or other external drives formatted in NTFS. For example, if a user has a drive from a friend or colleague in NTFS, they can now use it on their Mac without having to reformat it or being restricted to the limited native functions provided in macOS.

Without this addon, users can only read contents on NTFS formatted drives, but things get complicated if they are encrypted or have any other special attributes. But with Tuxera NTFS for Mac, users can read and write data, move files around, and enjoy all the unique features of NTFS without restriction. Aside from external USB drives, users can also swap a hard drive from Windows computers, and even exchange data seamlessly when they’re dual booting with a so-called Hackintosh where they run Windows and macOS side-by-side. It also enables easier handling of NTFS drives when running Windows in virtual machines. Many optimizations also mean you can take advantage of higher sustained file transfer speeds using smart caching technology.

Tuxera NTFS for Mac is provided as an affordable one-time purchase including all upgrades. A single license, costing only US $15 is valid for the entire lifetime of the software and covers up to three home computers. There are also advanced features, such as the Tuxera Disk Manager, for more technically orientated users.

Find out more at the Tuxera NTFS for Mac website.Tuxera Inc.
Tuxera NTFS for Mac

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