Uploading Books To iTunes Using iTunes Producer

[prMac.com] Bear, Delaware – Bestselling romance author Donna Fasano has prepared step-by-step instructions for uploading books to iTunes using iTunes Producer. After experiencing extreme difficulty with the process, Fasano decided a simple, precise guide was needed to help others just like her: novice, tech-challenged authors wanting to self-publish books and offer them for sale in the Apple iTunes iBook Store. This helpful step-by-step guide can be found on her website. These instructions are offered free of charge.

Authors are warned of the necessity of:
* Owning a Mac computer before attempting to upload books to iTunes
* Applying for an iTunes account via iTunes Connect (link provided)
* Purchasing an ISBN # from Bowker for each book being uploaded (link provided)

When asked about her motivation for creating this guide, Fasano said, “My first experience of using iTunes Producer wasn’t just awful, it was gawd-awful. I was scared half to death to begin with, and what should have been a simple and easy process turned into a nightmare. I’m sure my lack of techie-ness (is that a word?) had a lot to do with my problems. But I learned a lot by plowing through the process, and all the other books I uploaded to the iTunes iBook Store went very smoothly. Because I’m sure I’m not the only tech-novice out there, I thought I would post the steps I used in an attempt to turn your nightmare into a sweet dream.”

Fasano is a bestselling, award-winning author of romance fiction whose books have sold over 3.6 million copies worldwide. Her titles include The Merry-Go-Round, Her Fake Romance, Taking Love in Stride, Mountain Laurel, and others. Fasano currently has 9 novels on sale in the iTunes iBook Store.Hard Knocks Books
Uploading Books to iTunes using iTunes Producer
Her Fake Romance
His Wife for a While
The Merry-Go-Round

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