Update of Baby Monitor 3G brings support to lullabies

[prMac.com] Prague, Czech Republic – Every parent knows that smooth sweet lullabies and gentle rhythms help babies to sleep. Thanks to the newest feature of Baby Monitor 3G, it is possible to play lullabies and calming sounds directly from the app to induce a sleepy atmosphere, soothe your baby and put him to sleep. But every baby is unique, so parents can choose any music from their iTunes Music Library, or import any soothing sounds from our Baby Dreambox app.

Baby Dreambox is a unique app that helps parents soothe their babies with over 20 handpicked, relaxing sounds and lullabies, enables to record your own songs and fairy tales and includes a super smart timer, which stops playback when your little one starts dreaming. Thanks to new integration with our Baby Monitor 3G, all sounds can be now used with monitoring. Every Baby Monitor 3G customer can buy Baby Dreambox for just an additional $0.99.

“I, as a father of 4, know that it is not easy to put children to sleep. To play them a fairytale is the best way that works on my children. But you know, every child is unique. So that it is up to you if you choose a lullaby, white noise, the sound of a heart or anything else.”, said Jindrich Sarson, CEO of TappyTaps.

Key Other features in this version:
* Lullabies support – plays lovely lullabies and calming sounds directly from the application
* Every Noise – enables special sensitive mode, so even the quietest noise is transmitted to the parent station
* Mute Mode – turns sound off – especially handy during a party with friends, when the baby awakes and parents don’t want to let everybody listen to how they soothe their baby
* Regular Voice and video improvement

About Baby Monitor 3G:
Multiplatform Baby Monitor 3G is the most popular cross-platform video baby monitoring application. It is available for iOS (iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac OS) and Android operating systems (Phone, Tablet, Android TV and Android Smart Watch), compatible in any combination, and is used by over one million parents worldwide. It has many unique features, such as HD video support, Activity Log, Multiparent support, Lullabies and much more.

The application supports 13 languages: English, French, German, Czech, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese and Czech.

The app is available now for $3.99 (USD) around the world.Baby Monitor 3G (v4.5.2)
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