University of East Anglia Employs mobilEcho to Streamline Productivity

[] Arlington, Virginia and Norwich, United Kingdom – GroupLogic(R), the industry’s leading provider of software products that unlock the power of new enterprise platforms, today announced the successful deployment of its Mobile File Management solution mobilEcho at the University of East Anglia, a U.K.-based school known for its environmental research. To support the university’s introduction of the iPad(R) to 500 staff members, mobilEcho provides easy and secure file access from iPads across the campus, allowing the IT organization to maintain control of directory and file access policies, while achieving the university’s goal to significantly reduce paper waste.

The university’s challenge – how to provide staff with the convenience, mobility and resource-saving benefits of the iPad while maintaining the security required in an enterprise environment – is not uncommon. However, solutions are often piecemeal and require a lengthy implementation process. Jon Woodley, head of systems for the University’s Information Services Directorate, came across mobilEcho in a search for a solution to provide enterprise-level security without interfering with the iPad’s ease of use.

“We installed our first trial on 15 iPads in under a day,” noted Woodley. “mobilEcho just worked, with no complex deployment or lengthy learning curve. The user can start the app and go straight to their files, just as they would with a desktop or laptop joined to our Active Directory. Nothing else in the market allows you to do that in such a transparent and easy manner.”

The university has made eliminating paper waste a priority for staff and students. By allowing team members to securely access documents on their iPads during meetings and when working remotely, mobilEcho has enabled the institution to advance its commitment to green practices.

Users that had already been using consumer-oriented, browser-based file storage solutions found that mobilEcho replaced those solutions in a very simple way, ensuring that files could be accessed simply and easily, without compromising university standards of privacy and security. Productivity improved due to the ability to access files – even on the server.

“Our management team moved to iPads in order to create paperless meetings,” said Iain Reeman, ICT systems director for the university’s Information Services Directorate. “When we installed mobilEcho, it enabled us to get secure file access, even in the middle of a meeting. I can pull up a document to reinforce or support an argument, which is absolutely fantastic. Previously, if someone asked a question that required finding a reference document on the server, you’d have to get back to them later. Now I can look up the answer and give it straight away.”

To learn more about the University of East Anglia’s use of mobilEcho, visit the GroupLogic website.GroupLogic
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