Uncompromisingly Simple Formatting of the Source Code

[prMac.com] Moscow, Russian Federation – Indie Developer Denis Shevchenko is proud to introduce Style Revisor for OSX, an app that formats the source code. Styling of source code is a tedious, monotonous, error-prone, but mandatory job that every programmer should to do. Style Revisor takes this job on themselves. It’s for software developers who work with Mac. For developers who love beautiful code.

App, plugins and addons are available at Download page at official website of an app. Screenshots are available on the front page at official website of an app.

Key benefits:
* Uncompromising simplicity – It’s not just “easy to use” – it’s “very easy to use”. I believe software developers are deserves to use simple tools
* Direct definition of style – This is very simple idea: why don’t we to define formatting style directly, as we do it in our text editors? Just define views of the structures of language you use – and it will look exactly that in your source code
* Expandability – Style Revisor supports different programming languages and formatting styles. Every language is present as a plugin, and every style is present as an addon. So user can add languages/styles he need and delete languages/styles he don’t need

Pricing and Availability:
It’s a shareware. I provide fully-functional 30-day free trial version. There is two prices: for commercial use ($49.50 USD) and for noncommercial use ($9.90 USD). Pay once – use forever. All updates of an app, a plugins and an addons are free.Style Revisor for OSX
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Located in Moscow, Russian Federation, Indie Developer Denis Shevchenko is a software developer, that creates simple and useful tools for his colleagues, software developers. Copyright (C) 2013 Denis Shevchenko. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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