Twin brothers take over the management of Newtech Machines

The twin brothers – Ronak Panchal and Tarak Panchal have recently taken over the management of Newtech Machines, Valsad, India. They will continue the legacy left behind by late Anup Panchal, founder of Newtech Machines, a renowned manufacturer of round screen printing and heat transfer label (HTL) printing machines. The company was founded by late Anup Panchal who died in 2018. Meanwhile, a new factory is being developed on a plot of land adjacent to the current factory, and it would be readied by 2020-21 to augment production. In a joint statement to the media, both Ronak and Tarak said: “As sons of a successful visionary businessman, we have a responsibility to take his legacy forward and write down our own success story.”

Both Ronak and Tarak are armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Los Angeles, California USA. The brothers, designated as Directors, joined the company in July 2020.

Commenting on his new responsibility at such a young age, Ronak Panchal, Director of Newtech Machines, says: “Since my childhood, I was motivated by my father, late Anup Panchal. I had many other options, but I had this in my mind that I want to become like my father. I witnessed his hard work and dedication to be a successful businessman. I was motivated by observing his successful path. I want to expand my company, take it to another level. Also, I went to the USA for studies to gain practical knowledge so that I can bring American Technologies in India. I did not think or have any other plan except Printing. Printing is the only technology which fascinates me, so I am confident that no matter what, I would still choose Printing as my career.”

Tarak Panchal, Director of the company, adds: “I have a major interest in building machines and I have learnt many new ideas from the United States. So I will develop new types of machines in the coming months.”

The Twin Brothers are of the view that Printing process of any kind – be it flat or round screen printing, heat transfer printing, offset or digital – is an important platform for brands to promote their product. “Printing technology has increased with time. Printing Industry is growing and has a good market and increasing demand. Printing technology as an essential marketing medium, print technology continues to grow and plays a vital role in the decision-making process. The tactile nature of print stimulates the brain, sparking emotions. Not only can we see and feel its quality, but it acts as a visual representation of a brand and its values. Businesses can use this to their advantage to incorporate key elements of quality images, striking colours and appealing visuals into their marketing materials to stand out and speak to audiences. And, with the growing demand for direct on product printing, round screen printing has a major role to play in various industries requiring to print on round surfaces, e.g, paint industry. We are number one in the making of Screen Printing Machines and that motivates us to design and introduce few more new machines to meet the market requirements,” said Ronak Panchal and Tarak Panchal, in a joint statement.

“The vendors of paint companies use Newtech Machine’s round screen printing machines to directly screenprint on containers. The household goods manufacturers use their round screen printing machines to print on mugs, buckets, kitchen containers, boxes, tiffin boxes, shampoo bottles, and other wide range of products. These products often require 5-6 colours to be printed. The company has been maintaining its domestic/export ratio at 50:50. Newtech products are exported to Europe, UAE, some of the African countries, Nepal, Bangladesh, besides strong presence in the domestic market,” said the new Twin Directors of Newtech Machines.

On their vision for the future of Newtech Machines, the twin brothers assert: “We want to expand my company and take it to another level. We want to bring more Printing machines which save time and give more production. We want our customers to be completely satisfied. To meet this goal, we would like to design and manufacture more new Printing machines of different types. We aim to offer the best quality machines and good service. We believe that our customers are ‘Kings!’ And customers’ loyalty can’t be taken for granted as they have a global choice. Over the years, we were able to maintain brand loyalty owing to the quality of machines and after-sales service, a legacy left behind our beloved father.”

They conclude with optimism: “Round screen printing along with heat transfer technology, is here to stay for a long time owing to a wide range of applications such as paint industry and household products. We are confident that our company will reach every corner of the world in a short span.”

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