Twenty One Pictures – Expressing Emotions Through Art

[] Vancouver, Canada – PaigeeWorld is proud to be hosting the Twenty One Pictures Event. This creative art challenge runs all throughout July. It will have you exploring and focusing on your emotions in an effort to help you channel them in a positive and creative way!

As someone who has learned to live positively with anxiety and depression and has found solace and strength in creativity I wanted to help other artists better cope with negative emotions through positive expression and also help them to celebrate content and happy moments as well.

This challenge draws inspiration from band Twenty One Pilots and their deeply inspirational music and lyrics. Tyler and Josh continue to perfectly voice their own personal inner battles while still remaining optimistic and hopeful. If you aren’t familiar with their music I urge you to do yourself a favour and take some time to listen to them.

This is not a contest, however randomly selected posts and commenters will be chosen to receive event-themed gifts and challenge posts will have a higher chance of being featured during July. Posts must be tagged to #TwentyOnePictures to be eligible. So strap yourself in. We are in for one bumpy, but rewarding ride!

This event has been championed by PaigeeWorld’s own @dacdacgirl. @dacdacgirl is PaigeeWorld’s lead moderator. She provides leadership and support to the PaigeeWorld community and the PaigeeWorld moderator team. PaigeeWorld and @dacdacgirl have provided prizes for this event.

Post Your Art Everywhere:
Help artists everywhere by spreading the word about the Twenty One Pictures creative challenge. This is our chance to make it an annual creative event and help our fellow artists and friends having a tough time dealing with anxiety, depression, OCD and mood disorders. Post your event art tagged to #TwentyOnePictures on social media.

How you interpret your subject / emotion is totally up to you. To see some examples of how some of PaigeeWorld’s artists have used their creativity to express emotion and answered their interpretation of the emotive they have chosen check out the full event information page. It’s a personal creative challenge, so embrace it, experiment, there is no right or wrong here, just a win, win!

To Participate:

* Goal – The aim of to achieve x21 pictures or artworks throughout the month of July that capture or express different sides of you! Don’t worry if you don’t have x21 artworks in total, the real goal is about you discovering a strength in portraying your emotions through creativity!

* Rules – No excessive gore. No confronting nudity. No lewd language. No suicide or self harm themes. The challenge is to draw how you ‘feel’ when you think of the emotive, not the end result of you not coping. Due to PaigeeWorld’s all ages appeal art that breaks the guidelines will be removed.

1. Find a quiet space for you to reflect and create.
2. Select an emotive from the Art Challenge List OR make one up for yourself that resonates with you on that day.
3. Draw, paint, sketch, photograph, collage, create any artwork that expresses how you feel when you think of that emotive.
4. Post your creation to PaigeeWorld to the hashtag #TwentyOnePictures .

Although this is not a contest, artists’ will enjoy a higher chance of having their art featured and shouted out during the Twenty One Pictures art challenge, PLUS some artists and commenters will be randomly selected for event-themed prizea!

* Important – Be mindful that many artists do have issues coping with anxiety, depression, OCD etc. Please be encouraging and supportive by leaving comments on posts as these will all contribute to a more positive and rewarding art challenge experience.

* Emotives / Topics – Select an emotive from the list that you connect with or alternatively come up with your own emotive. The aim is to create art in response to how it makes you ‘feel’.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 9.0 or later
* 77.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
PaigeeWorld 4.0.2 is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category. There are some Twenty One Pilots song lyrics choices as well. Please share your inspiration’s in your post captions. Enjoy! For a full list of topics please see the event page at PaigeeWorld online.Twenty One Pictures
PaigeeWorld 4.0.2
Download from iTunes

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