TVS Quiz Show Network Makes New Episodes of My Free Vacation Game Show on TVS Television Network.Com WatchYour.TV platform, Powered by Tulix

My Free Vacation, the seminal streaming game show that debuted in 2010, will make new episodes from the TVS Studios in Philadelphia. The show will appear on the TVS Quiz Show Network, one of 36 TVS MicroChannels.Com streaming post cable networks. My Free Vacation gives contestants the chance to win a free vacation at casinos across the USA, among many other prizes.

TVS Quiz Show Network is a 24/7 ad supported free to view streaming post cable network that showcases classic and current quiz shows. It appears on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. Apps from Amazon, Apple, Web TV, ROKU, and Google make TVS available to all mobile devices and Smart TVs in 85% of USA TV homes.

All TVS programming is free to view and ad supported. TVS AdSales.Com, headed by Jerry Wolff, handles all sponsorhip, prize placement, promotion, and marketing opportunities. TVS AdSales.Com is located in Miami and New York.

TVS Television Network.Com is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Founded in 1960, TVS has produced and distributed thousands of TV shows including Super Pay Cards, My Free Vacation, Skunk, and Spill & Spell shows to broadcast, cable, OTT, IPTV, mobile, and home video platforms.

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