Tumblehome Zooms to Save Endangered Animals

These FREE, fun, fact filled 45 minutes are created for kids 8+. Eva J. Pell will be their guide and will introduce them to the tiniest of organisms, including dreaded viruses, and the largest animals that sit at the top of the food chain. She will highlight their interconnectedness and their risk of extinction. She will discuss:
– Where is it happening?
– Why is it happening?
– What can be done?

Eva J.Pell is an internationally known plant biologist, former Undersecretary for Science at the Smithsonian and author of ResQ Takes on the Takhi and ResQ and the Baby Orangutang- adventure stories for middle grade about rescuing endangered species.

Eva will use her ResQ series as a points of reference about species endangerment. The presentation will be interactive, with participation/questions encouraged throughout. Come help Eva spread the word and work on how to protect our world order from species extinction.


Audience: for ages 9+
Date: November 18, 2020
Time: 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm ET

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