Tsinghua University and OnDemandWorld collaborate for the second year

[prMac.com] Beijing, China – Tsinghua has long pursued a policy of engaging with companies that provide an opportunity for students to practice their classroom skills in a real-life consulting situation. OnDemandWorld has participated in the Integrative Practical Project (IPP) for two years running. Professor Wen Zhong supervised for Tsinghua University, with Terence Lau, OnDemandWorld’s VP of Legal and SNS managing the project for OnDemandWorld.

Professor Wen Zhong commented, “I think knowledgeable companies like OnDemandWorld really eliminates the boundaries that separate different countries, and levelling the playground. Even you may be based in Beijing, you can still have a big global impact as long as you excel at what you are doing. It’s crucial for our students to bear that in mind, and think of solving local problems with global resources.”

The Integrative Practical Project is always one with clearly targeted business outcomes. In this case, Pinky and RK from Tsinghua worked directly with OnDemandWorld staff to conduct the business analysis and planning for a new product that allows retailers a convenient way to showcase their products in a mobile-friendly format.

The app has been named CatalogPad and is expected to launch in Q2 of 2014. As part of OnDemandWorld’s Mobile Retail Solutions portfolio, it is a product that serves one of the largest and most under-resourced markets in the world: Small-Medium enterprises who need to make sure they are delivering the mobile-based experience their customers have come to expect – but who don’t have the ability to produce their own applications.

As Lau from OnDemandWorld commented, “retailers always work very hard to show their products in the best light, but often struggle to keep pace with the technology their customers expect. This app will provide a way for them to give customers a catalog of all their products that can either be downloaded or used at a fixed terminal in-store.”

Ryun Kwon Oh, one of the Tsinghua MBA students who worked on the project, said of IPP, “Without this program, it would be impossible to feel the real business environment. Many people come to MBA to change career. However, most companies require experience to work. But for IPP, I did not need past experience or knowledge. All I needed was passion and interest in topics. Through IPP, you will understand an industry better so you can better plan your career path after graduation.

Another of the IPP participants, Pui Ki Hung also commented positively on her experience. “I really enjoyed how OnDemandWorld allowed us to work closely with the project, review demos, and facilitated us students very well to make sure we get the project done. We have learned a fruitful lot from this collaboration with the company and I leave the project with great knowledge about app development.”

Reflecting on OnDemandWord’s participation in the IPP program, Lau commented: “This has been another successful year in running IPP with the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University. The collaboration with students brought a different perspective in how we would have analyzed and planned for our mobile catalog apps. It has been an enjoyable experience to work with Tsinghua MBA students, and I look forward to work with the next group in 2014.”OnDemandWorld
Tsinghua University

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