TS Calc 1.5 for Mac to Solve Mathematical Models

[prMac.com] Milano, Italy – Tension Software is proud to announce the release of TS Calc 1.5, their app for Mac OS X, developed to solve mathematical models. TS Calc is a document based application and its documents can be realized and used as calculation models for a specific mathematical technical problems. It is a complete different approach to solve problems than spreadsheets.

A TS Calc document contains a series of equations and a list of variables and constants used by the equations.
When the document is set-up, the user can insert the input value and see the output generated by the TS Calc document using the equations to solve the problem.

TS Calc uses a math calculation engine entirely developed and coded internally by Tension Software in C and Objective-C, able to solve equations with any nested level of parenthesis, variables and a large type of mathematical functions at an impressive speed, almost Instantaneously on modern Mac.

All the variables and constants used by the functions are automatically recognized and inserted inside dedicated tables. Selecting any function shows all the variables and constant used in the info panel. Selecting any variables or constant show to functions using it. TS calc solves the equations from a numerical point of view as-you-type, the user has just to enter inside the table the input values and the output is instantly calculated

* Uses standard math syntax with parenthesis and standard operators
* Provides and extended diagnostic tool to catch errors
* Automatic insertion of variable parsing equations
* Variables and constants have a table listing them
* Variables and constants can also be manually added and edited
* Import/Export of functions and constants from TSV, CSV or CSV-S (using semicolon for separator) files
* Allows to see where variables and constant are used and how
* Any variable can be moved to the constant table and vice versa
* Any view offers an info panel with additional info
* Can specify acceptable range value for input and output
* Values can be imported/exported using a powerful import/export functionalities
* Up to 16 decimal digit precision
* RTF note to provide additional info regarding the document
* Document based, you can create an unlimited number of pre-made documents with pre-inserted equations. You can use one document for any math problem
* Native math engine is C based, in house developed and highly optimized for the Mac
* PDF tutorial is included inside the application under the Help menu
* Easy to use. You can start to work and be productive from the first minutes

New in this release:
* Better Import of variables with ‘Cascade Assignment’ feature and other features
* Improved undo support in variables, constants and functions management
* Better error report
* Improved calc engine
* Various bug fixes

System Requirements:
* OS X 10.10 or higher
* 64-bit processor
* 5.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
TS Calc 1.5 is $15.00, and is available through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.The app is also available from the Tension Software website.Tension Software
TS Calc 1.5
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