truMe Receives Patent for Identiy& Access management System And Method

Mobico’s patent over truMe was first published in the Patent Office Journal No. 09/2019 Dated 01/03/2019 for inviting objections. The various objections received from India and abroadwere duly considered and investigated by the Patent Office and after due process it was decided to grant the patent to the company.

The patent is applicable throughout India. The company cancan prevent third parties from making, using, offering for sale, selling, or importing the patent products without their consent.

The patent’s grant with patent number 348440 for the title of IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD will be published in the Official Journal of patent office under section 43 of the act shortly.

Under Section 146 and Rule 131 of Patents Act and Rules, the controller, at any time during the continuance of the patent, has the power to call for the information as to the extent to which the patented intervention has been commercially worked in India.It is also compulsory for the company to furnish such information in respect of every calendar of the year within three months at the end of each year.

Founders of truMe believe that the access ecosystem in India, and indeed the world, suffers from inefficiencies because of its dependence on physical identity and legacy technologies. Their vision is to create an access ecosystem based on digital identity that rests on truMe platform and facilitates access to buildings and events in a secure, private, convenient and productive manner.

About the Company:
Start-up – Mobico Comodo Private Limited
Platform – truMe
Founders –Pramod Uniyal, Babu Dayal, Lalit Mehta,
Problem it solves – truMe is an IoT based platform which brings security, privacy and convenience to Identity & Access Management
Sector – IT Products/ IoT
Status of Funding – Angel round

Mobico Comodo Private Limited, an IT product company, was founded in Oct 2016 in anticipation of the growing need throughout the urban world for a secure and convenient tool for identity and access management. The company has chosen Internet of Things (IoT) as its primary vehicle for creating a platform for mounting solutions in nature of Identity & Access Management. The platform is known as truMe.

Mobico owns the patent on truMeplatform under section 11A (3) of the Patents (Amendment) Act 2005 and rule 24 of The Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2006.

truMe, a global platform, is an elegant, cost-effective solution to multiple problems of Identity & Access Management faced by establishments. truMe leverages a number of technologies to create a product that is extremely easy to use both for the establishments and the individual users. Unlike the legacy Systems, which are completely dependent on hardware, truMe is a state-of-the-art platform, which is not dependent on hardware to create a superlative experience, both for the establishment and for the users.

Mobico offers a number of products that ride on truMe, including the following:
• CompleteIdentity & Access Management for enterprises/ Office Complexes
• Contactless Attendance Management
• Contactless Access for Employees & Visitors
• Visitor Management System
• Meeting Room Management System
• Vehicle/ parking Management System
• Billed spaces Management for Co-working Spaces
• Access Management for Exhibition Centres
• Attendance Management for Remote Offices/ branches/ Field Staff
• eKYC for BFSI

Mobico was founded by three friends, Lalit Mehta, Pramod Uniyal and Babu Dayal. The founders have rich and diverse experience of starting, running and scaling up businesses. They are serial entrepreneurs and enjoy a long, shared history. Pramod and Lalit are batchmates from IIM, Ahmedabad’s class of 2008 and Babu and Lalit have worked together in US. Pramod, CEO of truMe is an ex-civil servant who has worked across large organizations in public and private sectors. Before truMe, he was also part of another start-up, Tribeca, as Partner & COO. Babu, COO of truMe has worked in multiple organisations in US and Japan. Before truMe, Babu was part of a healthcare start-up, Ten Wave Communication as partner. Lalit runs another company Decimal Technologies, a fintech leader in mobility space in India and The Olive Schools.
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