TripWire for Groupon launches shows offers at user’s current location

[] Chicago, Illinois – is pleased to announce the release of TripWire for Groupon 1.23, an update to their popular lifestyle app developed for iOS devices. When the user is physically within 50 meters and has “stepped on” or driven nearby a business that has a local Groupon offer, the app plays a sound notification and delivers the user directly to that Groupon offer page. Rediscover what it feels like to be amazed. Enjoy Groupon the way it should work and forget about planning ahead; all the user has to do is Trip an invisible Wire. Install the app, run it in the background, and forget about it. The app makes saving money effortless.

Mina Dillard, artistic director, at says, “I gave up searching for Groupons about 2 years ago because it wasted so much time. The constant emails were annoying and I realized local offers weren’t usually local. Using Groupon’s mobile app and web site, I discovered it was a scroller’s black hole and a time sucker. It was easy to get lost and forget what I was looking for in the first place. “

She adds, “TripWire is a dream. I can be going to a business where my intention is to pay full price for that product or service and if there is a Groupon that I didn’t know about that might save me 50-70%, it will chime on my phone and I can use it immediately. In the past, I have been out to restaurants and spent hundreds of dollars only for my friend to tell me the next day there was a 70% Groupon for that restaurant. That’s irritating.”

With TripWire for Groupon, it is up to the user if they wish to view the full offer details and purchase the bargain. To help eliminate extra noise (defined as a deal the user isn’t interested in), the user may choose to silence that offer’s notification for up to 6 months. TripWire is also beneficial while traveling. TripWire for Groupon displays all local Groupon offers in each country’s native language where Groupon has a presence.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 8.3 or later
* 3.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
TripWire for Groupon 1.23 is now Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. The Android version is currently in beta and available at’s website prior to its release to the Google Play Store.TripWire for Groupon 1.23
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