Transfer Tapes to DVD or MP4 Made Simple With Tips4VideoToDVD

Why you need to transfer Video to DVD or Convert Video to Digital format?

Somewhere there’s a box of older analogue videotapes you’re hoping to
treasure forever. But they’re fading fast. Captured on camcorder
videotape, those priceless moments are disappearing. Do not be like many
who have lost their valuable videos due to tape deterioration as a
result of procrastination.

Now is the right time, get them transferred to digital format, have it saved on USB, cloud or DVD and preserve it forever. Do it now before the technology becomes completely obsolete!

If you have any old VHS, MiniDV, Hi8 or other video tapes lying
around your home, we can help by converting them into a newer DVD or any
other digital format such as MP4, MOV, AVI and Mpeg.

The VHS to DVD conversion experts at Tips4VideotoDVD will transfer your old video tapes to the
storage format of your choice (DVD, USB, SD Card, External Hard Drive).
We transfer VHS, VHS-c, MiniDV and Hi8 video tapes to DVDs for easy viewing at home or convert them to another digital format to
preserve them and give you the ability to view them on any other
device. Both PAL and NTSC formats are accepted.

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