TrainCrasher: Best SideScroller Beat’m Up since the golden age of Arcade

[] Seoul, Korea – Softmax CO., LTD is proud to announce the release of TrainCrasher 1.2.5, their new beat em up game for iOS and Android devices. TrainCrasher is an anime beat em up that combines RPG and side scroller elements to recreate the dynamic and pleasure of the best arcade games with gorgeous visuals. Fight through a speeding train in a quest for revenge, using your fury to crush armies of warriors and combat huge bosses. With gorgeous anime fighting animations and deceptively deep combat, TrainCrasher is unlike anything you’ve played before!

Choose between four fighters with really different playstyle, from the swordsman “Ron” to the mysterious hunter “Hound” or the giant axe wielder “Mei” and the Street style Puncher “Zett.” Follow them in their quest for revenge, discover their unique and personal fighting style through action packed levels, utilizing your skills to bring them to the last boss and be ready to make them face their destiny.

Recall the great feeling of a pure side scroller action with the moves of a fighting game and the depth of your favorite RPG games. TrainCrasher challenges you to climb a running train at full speed defeating various kinds of enemies up until the stage boss that will put your dexterity to the test. Learn and master all the possible combos to drive your character until the final stage.

Enhance, Upgrade, Craft and Transcendence the Mightiest Weapons:
* Combat enemies with fantasy weapons and combos. Upgrade your weapons as you go by opening reward cubes, or buy new weapons with collectable diamonds.

Upgrade Characters with Loot:
* Fantasy RPG weapons include swords, guns and more. Find better weapons, equip armor for better defense, and accessories for stat bonuses. Continue your RPG beat em up adventure with new items and loot around each corner!

Fight Massive Bosses:
* Huge boss creatures cast a shadow over each level. No mere mortal could hope to defeat these massive enemies, but with fighting skills and magic, only you stand a chance. Win these fights to clear the way forward and earn new weapons.

Beautiful Anime Graphics:
* Enjoy the game with 60 frames! Anime fighting games don’t get any more gorgeous than the HD art in TrainCrasher. Ride the train through unique environments that you haven’t seen in mobile games before!

Device Requirements:
* Android v.4.1 or later
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 6.0 or later
* 55.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
TrainCrasher 1.2.5 is a Free-to-play game and will be available from today in the U.S. through the Google Play Store and App Store in the Role-Playing (Games) Category.Softmax
TrainCrasher 1.2.5
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